Meet Ladyboys from Asia

Meet Ladyboys from Asia – Why you will love dating Asian tgirl

I’m a Trans-Oriented Man, and since I’m a teenager, my dream was to Meet Ladyboys from Asia one day. And? Of course, I did it! Why I like dating Asian ladyboys rather than local transsexuals in my country? Well,  maybe because
I always had a weakness for exotic beauty, and since ever I’m charmed by Asian culture. Of course, this is not the only reason why I decided one day that to exclusively Meet Ladyboys from Asia! How is all begun? Right for the reason you arrived to read this article, in the beginning, I did the same, just like you! I knew it was the type of girls I always dreamed on, and I wanted to know more. Finally, one day I decided it was time to make my dreams turn into reality, but how? I went to look on the internet.

I’ve read so many stories before my first trip, and I wanted to see by myself all of that is real. And I bet, you are as curious and excited now as I was those times! And you want to know all about the Beautiful Asian Transsexuals right? Today I’ll share with you what I learned and discovered while travelling in Asia, and why you will love dating Asian Tgirl s as much as I do 😉

Why you will love dating Asian Tgirl

The first thing you will love while being in Asia and dating ladyboys is discovering how much different the transgender community is, compared to your west country. What I mean to say is just forget all the discriminations, violent acts and bully stories you saw and heard in Europe or America. You will be amazed to discover in Asia how many ladyboys walk around the streets without fear. Just like every person. This is for sure one of the things that make Asia so unique and extraordinary. Compared to the rest of the world, this continent to me is what I call “promised land” for every ladyboy lover or trans-oriented man.

Is that all? Not really, this is just a little mental image, preview.

If you are figuring out what I’m telling you,  my first tip is: get ready to save some money for your future travel in Asia. Because if you are a trans lover as I’m, and even if you belong to LGBT categories, I’m sure you will dream to get back there as soon as possible. Maybe even planning to relocate one day as I did!

Did you ever see something like this in any Western country? That already shows you the different social integration. Now I will be answering some common question I get on my emails related to this topic. Also, it makes you understand better the exceptional side of dating ladyboys from Asia, and what awaits you there.

Where can I find ladyboys in Asia?

I recommend you to take note of the following list destinations for your future travel: Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, China, Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. These are the best country in Southeast Asia where you have the highest chance to meet ladyboys easy. The first two I recommend: Thailand and Philippines. Not just because these are the countries with greater transgender and transsexual population, but also for how is the transgender scene compared to the rest of Asian lands.

transgender gay murders cause transphobia

Murdered trans people report 2008 – 2013 update

Nevertheless, see it by yourself,  just go to Bangkok or Manila, and you will meet ladyboys at every corner of the streets. Sure is not something that can happen in your west country. And most importantly, you will have a better chance to date the perfect ladyboy for you.

If you have already looked to date local transsexuals in your town, you know is not that easy to find them around. Why? One of the primary reasons is because of the high level of homophobia and transphobia on the west side of the globe. For example, just look at the trans/transgender murder cases in Brazil – USA these years ( on the image, click to enlarge )

Why are there so many ladyboys in Asia?

To answer this question, it would get me a whole article to explain in detail. You can find already some answers by reading the article on my ladyboy dating blog

Besides, I recommend you to read this article: most beautiful Asian transsexuals, which I wrote for a transsexual dating site review blog.

Nevertheless, I’ll give you a short explanation of the following statement:

Asian countries are more tolerant of diversity

The reasons why some Asian country like Thailand and Philippines and so on, are tolerating LGBT people are better explained here: Thrid sex women in Asia – Thai ladyboys

In most Asian countries it doesn’t matter your social status, your sexual orientation or gender identity. People will not discriminate you as long as you are respectful of their traditions and culture. You are welcome everywhere in these lands. For these reasons people like transgender doesn’t have to hide or keep secret preferences as it happens in the west country. You will not have to worry while walking hand to hand with your ladyboy girlfriend. As I mentioned earlier, you can hang out everywhere without fear to cross bully gangs or heavy discriminations.

Though, be aware that being transsexual is not easy everywhere in this world. Even in Asia LGBT population still have to deal with some problems. But for sure the situation is much better compared to your west country. That’s why let’s Asian ladyboys are less frustrated people and enjoy life much better.

Meet Ladyboys from Asia – Why you will love dating Asian tgirl

Beautiful Asian Transsexual

Ladyboy from the Philippines – Josephine

Asian ladyboys are beautiful, and this is for sure another reason you will like meeting ladyboys from Asia. Okay,  okay, beauty is always subjective, but let’s say at least that Asian ladyboys are the most passable transsexuals in the world. This means, you hardly could tell if they are ladyboys or genetic women. Asian people are usually not so tall, have petite bodies, not so hairy, tan skin complexion and shining flat long hairs. Combined with some features of the Asian male, makes Asian ladyboys breathtaking beauty. Besides, cosmetic applications are very cheap and accessible in Asia. Then, many ladyboys will have breast implants ( boobs ), hips enhanced, and this will make them look even sexier. Isn’t it?

Asian ladyboys are easy-going and funny girls to be with

You will just smile discovering how easy-going are these girls compared to your west country. What makes ladyboy usually more relaxed and smiling compared to their sister in the west country? Let’s start to say that Asian people are known to be welcoming, and with a positive attitude toward life even in the condition of poverty. Besides, Asia culture is much more respectful of diversity; this is a very real fact. That makes Asian t-girls less frustrated and more self-confident. Aside from the influence of their culture, ladyboys usually share many interests that even guys like as party, music, drinking, video games, movies and so on. Don’t worry you won’t get bored with your ladyboy girlfriend.

Asian ladyboys prefer to date white Caucasian

What you’ll probably be amazed at if you never Meet Ladyboys from Asia is seeing how friendly are these girls with foreigners. Especially when you are a white caucasian man. Why then? Well, Is not because they only think you are rich, and you will treat them. This is just the stereotype in mind of those who only know the ladyboy red light districts in Thailand. Ladyboy escorts and prostitutes will behave that way, but decent ladyboys look at other things.

For example, white skin is considered so IN and a sign of beauty in some Asian country. You will notice pretty soon how many Asian girls use whitening skin products for this reason. Ladyboy prefers to date Western men because they are known for being more open-minded and willing to take a love relationship with a special woman seriously. Even though ladyboys in Asia are more tolerated in society, they can’t give children, and that’s why most transsexuals in Asia are single and looking for a foreigner boyfriend. Local men rather marry a genetic girl to extend the family, which is a fundamental matter in Asian culture. Anyhow, is even known that white men usually are also good lovers when it comes to intimate moments. Another reason ladyboy loves to date foreigners:

It’s the adage that everything that is rare is valuable.

The best place where can I meet beautiful ladyboys in Asia?

Why you will love dating Asian tgirl

Transsexual beauty pageant world contests in Thailand

Most of you probably know something about ladyboys nightlife, because in the west country is just that way. Then you will probably go straight to red-light districts and gogo ladyboy bars of Pattaya in Thailand. But I have to tell you, my dear ladyboy lover, that you are wrong 🙂

Do you want to see the most beautiful Asian ladyboy? Then forget about sex workers and easy cheap girls.  You shouldn’t miss the chance to see ladyboys beauty pageants. In past weeks I mentioned the transsexual beauty contest: Miss Tiffany’s Universe. This is just one of the most famous in Thailand. But you shall know there are ladyboys beauty pageant in every province and small villages in most Asian countries every month. That’s where you can find decent transgender women.

Don’t also miss seeing ladyboy cabaret shows, or spend some time at Karaoke bars. That’s where beautiful ladyboys love to do ballets and singing. And if you want to find a ladyboy girlfriend for a love relationship, these are the places where you should look.

Erase what you were used to seeing in your west country

If you went to some LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sex, transgender ) clubs in the west country, what you see is probably all about sex and dark rooms. Yeah, more like hook up places than regular bars. It was like that 20 years ago, and today is not changed that much. I’m not a sex freak, and I never liked such places. But what instead I loved about LGBT community in Asia is the DECENCY. You don’t have necessarily to hang out in gogo bars to meet ladyboys in Asia.

Why you will love travelling in Asia and date ladyboys

Beyond a warm climate, sunny days, welcoming people, magnificent beaches and amazing natural paradises… Life in Asia is cheap! You can duplicate the things you can do in Asia compared to your living standard in western countries. Most Western currencies have a high-value exchange still today. Then the cost of living is so low. You will be treating yourself and even your ladyboy girlfriend without spending crazy money. The only significant cost for you will be your fly ticket basically, which can become instead really cheap if you are booking some months or weeks in advance. The best choice is when no high peak season for tourism.

Ready to Meet Ladyboys from Asia?

The first thing I recommend if you now feel prepared to start your journey into ladyboy dating, is to break the ice and get to know some on a dating site for ladyboys.

In this way, you will get to know different type of girls, and find your best match. Besides, this is one of the best ways to plan your travel date! Once you found the ladyboy that matches your criteria, you can plan with her the things to do once you get there, where to go and so on! And… what’s the best if not having a warm welcoming from your ladyboy girlfriend picking you up at the airport? 😉

How to meet ladyboy from Asia?

Here below, I’ve prepared some additional links, like a little checklist of the

Essential Ladyboy dating tips you must read

If’s the first time you read my ladyboy blog, and you liked this article, I guess your thirst for knowing more about the ladyboy world and Asian transsexual is growing! I warmly advise you to read on this page my ladyboy dating tips ! Especially because you can also find the list of best ladyboy dating sites.

I recommend you also to take a look at this articles:

Soon you will also find some travelling guide for the best destinations to date Asian transgender male to female. Furthermore advises for your stay, place to visit, and the ABC to organise your first trip in Asia.

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Model Featured Image – Kevin Balot, Transgender Woman Beauty Queen

Model – Josephine, Cebu, Transgender Woman

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