Ladyboy dating tips - How to address a transgender woman, ladyboy dating

Ladyboy dating How to address a transgender woman

Are you attracted to the women of the third gender? If you feel finally ready to start your ladyboy dating experience, here I’ve compiled a series of great ladyboy dating tips, valid for both online dating & real life meetings.

Yes, if you want to be successful In the so-called game of * Ladyboy dating *, and pick up the finest Asian Transgender I recommend you to take note of the next following. I’m going to share my best pieces of advice to help you avoiding the typical mistakes, with a particular attention to online dating matters.

#1 ladyboy dating tip – Let’s take for example: How to address a transgender woman. I know that to us men this may sound such

I know that to us men this may sound such small detail, but some t-girls are quite sensitive on this matter.

For example, Transexual or Transgender are the safe and politically accepted terms to address her. You can’t probably imagine yet how many men unaware risk to burn pretty quick their chances when dating ladyboys. Because they don’t know how to treat or talk properly to a transgender woman, employ terms and nouns associated with porn industry like tranny, shemale, dickgirls, and sometimes, even ladyboy is not so welcome… As evidence, take a look at the video below, and find out yourself, what transsexuals women think!

Moreover, I wish to introduce you to a simple and smart preview to the lingo with additional dating guidelines on common scenarios, in particular for those men who are still new to dating personal. So, you can learn how to avoid fatal errors when dating ladyboys online and real life, where I’m pretty confident you will find out new ladyboy dating tips even if you are already experienced.

Let’s get started!

Ladyboy Dating Tips – How To address a Transgender Woman

None of us want to commit an impair at the first date right?

Let’s see a typical scenario. Possibly you just meet a ladyboy that you like on good ladyboy dating website that I recommended for romance, you chat for a bit, and she suddenly froze you or ignores. Why? As I mentioned, maybe because somehow you offended her without your notice. Worse case she just stops talking and not reply anymore, and you left there wondering:  what I did wrong?

If you are looking for true love, beyond the good manners, self-control, and flattering abilities,  knowing a bit the LGBT lingo ( lesbo, gay, bisexual, transsexual ) will also show to her that you have some culture, and you are not the classic Tranny Chaser who just want to hook up! So you will be safe by not using vulgar or offensive terms to her. Let’s see which are the correct and wrong ones.

Let’s learn now some correct and wrong ones.

NOTE – For this occasion, I will also introduce you guys a dear friend of mine, as I mentioned on my personal background.  She is a transgender woman, and I bet, she might look a bit familiar (don’t miss the ending part of this article for further information about Maki )

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3 Essential Ladyboy dating tips for online chats & sites

Now you have better understood the correct language to use during a conversation with a ladyboy. Let’s have some further info and tips about the ladyboy dating online.

The major things you shall make sure to provide, even before to know the LGBT language, are the so-called BASICS. Yes, most people at times are not even able to set up a contact with a ladyboy, because they are inconsistent with essential details.

In order, you must have the following

  1. PICS. A dating profile has nearly ZERO chance to attract any interest when you don’t have any real picture. Assuming now that you have at least posted 3-4 pics of yours, make sure they are nice looking pics. Which means: shaved face, hairs combed, good angle of the camera to have your best look, and most important, SMILE. Smiling pics are more cute and inspiring positivity. Just do it, and you will notice soon more people interested in getting in touch with you, guaranteed!
  2. DESCRIPTION. The second important part you need to take care. It is imperative if you want to increase and maximise your chance on the ladyboy dating site you sing up. There is no need to write a book. What’s important is that you are: sincere, be yourself, positive. Just tell something about you, your interests, hobbies, studies or work, what your friends says about you, what you like and don’t. Then people will appreciate more for who you are and have a better vision of your personality. It will keep away people that surely you don’t wish to waste your precious time and maybe some heartbreaking later on.
  3. BEING ONLINE. One thing that many people pay attention when looking at your profile, beside your preferences, is the activity on the dating site. If you are likely to be online two times a month, that’s not a good deal. People will have the impression you are not seriously looking, or you are probably a waste of time. But if you are for example online at least 2-3 times a week, the website will show you were online just one day ago. Then whoever visit your profile will see that you are active, they know there are good chance you will reply their message soon. Then you will find some new messages your inbox.

If you apply these simple ladyboy dating tips wherever you decide to sing up, I guarantee you that the increase of contacts from the t-girls will be consistent.

( Updates 2016 below )

Real life ladyboy dating tips

So you now learned a bit of the fine art of Ladyboy Dating & How to address a transgender woman in this article. ART? Have you ever heard of ” Pick Up Artists “? Eg. PUA? It’s becoming almost a science in recent years, following this link you can learn more

Aside the precise online dating tips for internet you had here, you can currently get additional pieces of information and tips on my video gallery for ladyboy dating advice

You can apply all these guides also for real life dating, but I’m aware this is not enough. The topic is very huge. Currently, you can also find some more on these articles of my blog:

Know a bit of ladyboy lifestyle – The Asian Transsexuals

A little preview and comparison between West & East sides continents of the transgender scene. Just to picturing some of the differences between the Asian ladyboys lifestyle and the local western trans-women in your country.

For example, If you never been in countries like Thailand & the Philippines you will be just amazed when you’ll start to walk around the streets seeing how many transgender and transsexuals are haging out at the light of the sun without worries. Ladyboys serving your hamburger at Mc Donald, your coffee at the Starbuck and so on.

The *feeling of freedom* you can experience here it’s nothing that you know or seen in your west country ( more at the end of this article).

Another good example, take a look at ladyboy beauty pageants. There are so many events you can see in Asia dedicated to Miss Ladyboy or Miss Gay. In the major cities and even in the small villages, from the amateur t-girls and professional transgender models. As well you can also see ladyboys in the talk shows on the various TV media or movies!

See what a transgender friend of mine achieved in her career of Beauty Queen ( and she is just one of the many there! )

Yes, the beautiful girl in the video! Were you wondering if she is a genetic woman or ladyboy?

Transgender Filipina, Maki Gingoyon

Maki Gingoyon Ladyboy Philippines

Maki Gingoyon – Queen of the Sky at Super Sireyna 2013 – Cebu – Philippines

If you have subscribed my old ladyboy video channel on YouTube, you already noticed the girl entertaining and teaching us useful as well educational things about how to date a ladyboy, is always the same girl.

Maki Gingoyon is a non-op transgender woman, and she represents more than a simple girl that you have seen on the video. She is also a transgender advocate and operates on social media to emancipate the transgender & transsexual community rights in the Philippines.

Moreover, Maki is even popular among the transgenders to have won the title of Queen of Cebu in 2010, a beauty pageant for transsexuals women. She also won the title of Queen of the Sky at Super Sireyna 2013, hosted by Eat Bulaga! In the Philippines.

(Gossip note: Francine Garcia won the beauty contest)

Maki is also in a relationship with a French boyfriend; both are aware of the challenges and issues related to a relationship between men and ladyboys. In particular, for those who are looking for romance, a genuine love story. As much as I am, they are very dedicated now to build bridges between men and Asian trans women. Operating the first decent dating site for transgender ever, since 2013.

If you were disappointed with other dating sites for ladyboys, on this one you won’t regret giving a try!

Dating Transsexual from Europe and America

Trannsexual dating site for europe americaFor the duty of chronicle, since 2014, thanks to the great success of the big brother My ladyboy date, which is mainly dedicated to Asian transgender women; is now open a new dating site dedicated to westerner transsexual. The twin brother, for whose looking to a local transsexual girlfriend in America, Europe and rest of the world.

If you wish to know more about the new dating site for transsexuals, just follow the blue links I marked here.


These are  the basic fundamental but essential ladyboy dating tips you shall and bear in mind when you want to start your dating research for good. In next articles, I will write some advanced guides. Do you need some more ladyboy dating tips right now? Just write me an email and I will do my best to help you out.

About Maki’s bio, it was included for an important reason. Which one? To disclose a fact! The major part of men has an approximative knowledge of the transsexual world, especially the Asian one. Many only know what they saw on porn sites and all that sex industry on the internet has spread around by a long time. Making ladyboys and transgender women stereotyped as “transsexual=prostitute” and cheap girls. And I know this is hammering people’s minds. Convincing the persons that ladyboys are all like that.

The sex business is just the most visible part, but now you have seen a bit of the other face of the medal.

There are so many cute and fine t-girls like Maki out there, and men like me and Cyril, who are serious guys. People who are looking for a lifetime partner and sincere love.

To help out people like us, it was first necessary to create a decent dating site for ladyboys and transsexuals from all around the world. To finally give to men and transgender a sober and pleasant place where to meet nice people, separating the low-quality dating site from the good ones.

As a matter of fact, the quality you can find on, it is something you never have seen before. If you used on dating online for transgenders, you’d notice quickly how professional and friendly it is. Just give it a try, you won’t regret! dating site

Do you have questions or suggestions about my checklist for ladyboy dating tips? Would you like to share your experience? Just leave a comment on the box below, or email me! I’ll be happy to reply and share my thoughts with you! 🙂

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  1. I’ve never been in Asia, but I heard some stories from my friends who traveled around. I can’t deny that ladyboys there are so pretty and sometimes I told myself why not?

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