Beautiful ladyboys from Philippines Video Gallery

Ladyboys from Philippines Video Gallery

Ladyboys from Philippines Video Gallery

Have you ever been to the Philippines? The land that counts over 7000 islands, also known as "The Pearl of Orient"?

If you never travelled or had a holiday in these lands, you missing not only some of the most wonderful tropical paradises of the world! Amazing white sand beaches with turquoise seas, where snorkelling and scuba diving is a unique experience worth having at least once in your life. And, if you landed on my blog, well, it is likely you'd like to share it with a beautiful Filipino ladyboy!

On this page, I've gathered some videos about the cute Trans Pinay that I felt might be an interesting integration or curious, into my Ladyboy Travel Date Blog. Find out more about Dating Ladyboys from the Philippines

Don't you know anything about Ladyboys in the Philippines?

If that's so, I'm not surprised. Most of the people I know, link the word ladyboy to Thailand. And that's all they know. And for good reason. The most famous transgender and trans women of Asia are indeed the Thai Ladyboys.

What many don't know, is that right after Thailand, the Philippines is the second most populated country by trans girls male to female (MTF), best known as ladyboys.

Ladyboys in Philippines

As much as most Filipinos, Pinay ladyboys are generally courteous and smiling persons. And they share the very social and friendly attitude of Asian culture. And Just like Filipina genetic women, even ladyboys can be very loyal girlfriends if you are willing to find a long-term love relationship. This is due in part to the Catholic education, practised by 80% of the population (the residual 20% is Muslim, mostly located in Mindanao). Being a conservative country, many ladyboys are single and looking for an open-minded boyfriend.

Yet, ladyboys in the Philippines are much better integrated into society compared to the western world. The LGBT lifestyle here is nothing you can see in your Western WolrdTake a look at this video gallery featuring some of the most famous and e beautiful ladyboys beauty queens in the Philippines of recent years.

the Philippines Islands & its beautiful pearls

Is said that Asian women are considered among the most beautiful of the world. Petite bodies, tan skin complexions, long black shining hairs, not so tall and hairy as westerners, makes Asian girls very feminine and beauty. And Filipina ladyboys, shares these features. Thanks to years of colonisation by west side, the mixed blood gives to pinay ladyboys have an unique charming look.

Beautiful ladyboys from Philippines Video Gallery - Hayop sa Ganda Filipina

See some of the most beautiful ladyboys from Philippines under the notes of : Hayop sa Ganda Filipina, the soundtrack played by a Filipino band in slide-showing. These charming Philippine transsexuals are all famous Beauty Queens who won titles and prizes in local transgender beauty pageants. Maki Gingoyon ( Queen of Cebu / Super Sireyna 2013 ), Marian Crisologo ( Queen of Cebu World 2009 ), Kevin Balot ( Miss International Queen 2012 ), Bee Urgello ( Queen of Cebu 2011 )  Francine Garcia ( Super Sireyna 2013 ), Bem Bem Radaza ( Miss Amazing ), Rain Marie Mardigal ( Queen of Cebu 2009, Super Sireyna 2007, MIQ 2007 finalist ). P.S. For referring a video or model, see at the end of this page


Victoria's Secret - Marian Crisologo - Philippines

The gorgeous Marian ( or Mariane) Arguelles Crisologo is a young ladyboy beauty queen from " The Pearl of Orient ". She is quite popular in her country and considered among the most beautiful transgender. As well for her activity in beauty pageants, and recently she competed for Miss Gay Manila 2015 ( see the next video below ). In this music video, " Victoria's Secret " you can see Marian in all her charming beauty.
Performed By: Juan Curtis
Produced By: Hiraya Pictures
Featuring: Mariane Crisologo and Louie Rodriguez
Director/Cinematographer: Cha Escala
Editors: Cha Escala, Matt Baguinon
VFX Artist/Colorist: Matt Baguinon
2nd Camera Operator: Ceej Gomera

Miss Gay Philippines - Local Ladyboy Beauty Pageants

As I mentioned more than once, countries like Thailand and Philippines, and around the South east Asia, you can find many beauty contest exclusive for trans women mtf. Is not just in the big cities, you can see local transgender beauty pageants even in small towns or villages in all provinces! For sure is something you can't see that often in your west country! Watch the video, and enjoy the stunning beauties at the very popular Miss Gay Philippines local pageants !

Men who like to date Ladyboys and sex tourism in Asia

Where there is sun all the year and awesome beaches, there is also a lot of tourism. Travels that many times are not just about seeing the places, but also sexy dating. Is common everywhere in the world, but in Asia is rampant. However, " every cloud has a silver lining " and thanks to this, ladyboys  can have the possibility to find an open-minded partner willing to have a romantic long-term relationship with a transsexual MTF. Maki and Cyril, founders of My Ladyboy Date, have been interviewed by Rappler TV in Philippines.

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Miss Gay Manila 2015 - Trixie Maristela transgender beauty queen

Miss Gay Manila, Super Sireyna, Queen of Cebu, Manila's 5 Prettiest are among the most prestigious transgender beauty pageants in Philippines. In this video you can see some of the most famous ladyboy beauty queens as: Mariane Crisologo, Francine Garcia, and the winner of Miss Gay Manila 2015 edition, the beautiful ladyboy Trixie Maristela from Philippines.

Filipino Man and Her ladyboy Fiancee - 6 years love story

Trixie Maristela became very popular in these years thanks to her high activity in transgender beauty contestant and for winning the competitions. Trixie's love story has been featured recently ( June / July 2015 ) on TV media in Philippines and internet local news. Her Filipino boyfriend told in a letter about how he fell in love with Trixie, and how he feels being with a ladyboy girlfriend. The couple has also been interview in the following video ( don't miss it! ).

A recap of their lover story along these 6 years, in a society where transgender rights are still not recognised by the law.

Kevin Balot - Miss International Queen 2012

The charming Kevin Balot is indeed the most famous ladyboy beauty queen from Philippines nowadays ( 2015 ) . She is the first Filipina transgender MTF who won the most ambitious prize that a beauty queen can aspire. In 2012 she has been crowned Miss International Queen in Thailand. MIQ is the world beauty contest for transsexuals women male to female. Admirable her speech in this video interview after the competition. Where she makes an appeal at the world to respect LGBT people, and telling how's growing and living in a conservative country like Philippines as transgender.

Transgender or Drag queens ? Trio from Philippines

Like it or not... The Miss Tres, the three Drag queen / Crossdresser  from the Philippines are attracting appreciations on the media for they funny performances. What makes people curious about this trio, (as u can see in the video) is the nature of their show and their gender identity, which is not very clear! Their look shows cosmetic surgery, which is common for ladyboys / transsexuals women, but their performance is quite drag queen style! Maybe they got inspiration from Bell Nuntita's performances? However, their performance at Asia's Got Talent is very funny! Worth to watch it! Have Fun! 🙂

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Ladyboy travel date videos

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Missing your favourite transgender beauty queen ?

I know there are many other Filipina ladyboys beauty queens that deserve to be mentioned and featured. But this is not the main purpose. However, I promise to add some more videos as soon as I can. Feel free to leave a comment in the box if you wish to recommend your favourite idol. You can also send me a direct email using the contact form at my contact page.

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