Dating Ladyboys in The Philippines

Dating Ladyboys in The Philippines

It is no secret to seasoned travellers that the Philippines is a great destination to meet gorgeous transgender and transsexual women. Yes, just like those in the photo above. If you were wondering how is it like dating ladyboys in the Philippines, get comfy and let’s get a dive into it!

Allow me first to add a personal note, today’s topic is pretty dear to me, because in the Philippines is where I’ve spent most of my time dating ladyboys, and because it is where I’m currently staying. I’ll summarize a series of topics of interest and bonus notes for my fellow ladyboy lovers that intend to follow my steps in finding a romantic ts partner (see the about page to know my story).

  • Real facts, gossip and curiosities about Filipino ladyboys
  • Introduction to the ladyboy scene in the Philippines
  • Ladyboy beauty pageants in PH
  • Tips for dating ladyboys in the Philippines

One major reason to consider in choosing to invest in a trip to the Philippines is that it is the second most populated country by ladyboys worldwide. And even if you don’t plan yet to go there, it is still the most recommended country to look for an online date. The higher number of Filipina ladyboys available in PH for dates compared to your country, greatly increase the chances to find who you like. But let’s see more…

Trixie Maristela crowning moment at MIQ 2015

How pretty are the Ladyboys in The Philippines?

They say that

The beauty stand at the eye of beholder

Well, aren’t all pretty the ladies you see here?!?! And yes, they are all real Filipino trans women! If Thai ladyboys are among the most famous and beautiful transsexual of the orient, their not-so-far sisters from the Philippines has little to envy for the Siamese ones. As a matter of fact, the Philippines got home three times the crown for the world transsexual beauty pageant Miss international queen in 2012 with Kevin Balot, 2015 with Trixie Maristela, 2022 with Fuschia Anne Ravena. And in almost every edition of Miss International Queen, there are transgenders from the Philippines among the finalist. On this note, prestigious ladyboys beauty pageants are a big thing in the Philippines too. Namely, Miss Amazing, Manila’s Five Prettiest, and Queen of Cebu are the three most prestigious transgender beauty pageants that are aired on national TV.

What you may find particularly appealing is that there is a wide variety of different beauty in the ladyboy community in the Philippines, because of the mixed blood. Since the 15th century, the country was first colonized by Spaniards, an expedition ordered by King Fillip II of Spain ( that named the land Las Islas Filipinas ), and by Americans in the 19th. For these reasons, the ladyboys in the Philippines may look less Asian compared to the ladyboys in Thailand.

The Filipina Ladyboy in PH

Kevin Balot Miss International Queen 2012

Called by local Filipinos Bakla or Bayot (this is an old generalization to address gay effeminate people, don’t call them such), ladyboys in the Philippines are far better integrated into society like anywhere else in the world. They might be not well supported and recognized by the law as in Thailand, but this doesn’t prevent Filipino ladyboys to be an asset in society. Think that, in PH, ladyboys also have to deal with the religious social stigma. The majority of the Filipino population is educated by the Christian Catholic religion, which does not approve of LGBT people, and yet, ladyboys still manage to succeed.

Sounds incredible?

Whether it is your first time in the Philippines or not, it is likely you may miss a portion of notions, curiosities and diversities this country has compared to yours.  For example, you may not have noticed that the lady serving the coffee at the bar, the cashier at some restaurant or shop, and the local fly attendants were ladyboys. I was amazed seeing all of this the first time I visited the Philippines myself. If you think of your city back in the Western world, that’s not really something we are used to. But this is also one of the reasons why men attracted to trans ladies begin to take into serious consideration dating Asian ladyboys.

Filipino Trans women are easy to find

Especially in Luzon, in the cities of Metro Manila and Cebu (and in general the Visayas region), as well in Mindanao, not so rarely, you will happen to see groups or single ladyboys walking in the streets, shopping in the malls; singing at Karaoke bars (singing is a big passion for many Filipinos). The only issue is that sometimes you won’t even notice them. Because there are ladyboys in the Philippines, who are so feminine and passable as women that often you can’t tell. And it is known that especially foreigners are bad at spotting ladyboys.

Transgender and transsexuals are mainstream in the archipelago Filipino

Vice Ganda Transgender Philippines

Vice Ganda

One more thing that you are likely not used to see, is the relevant LGBT presence in the Filipino media. TV shows hosted by transgender, cross-dresser and gay people, as the famous VICE GANDA aired nationwide at noon-time every day. Local movies featuring leading gay and lesbian actors are also common in the Filipino media.  As well crossdresser comedians are frequent guests in TV shows. And, of course, every year are held prestigious LGBT beauty pageants in the major cities to the humble small villages in the countryside.

Dating Ladyboys in The Philippines

If it is your first time in the archipelago Filipino, the recommendation is to stay in Luzon and the area of Metro Manila. Especially if you are on a few weeks of stay and you haven’t arranged any date online before your trip. Even though the crowd and congested traffic of Manila is a big turn-off, the upsides make up for it. For example, in Manila and surrounding cities and towns like Malate, Makati, Mandaluyong, Bonifacio Global City, Pasay, and Angeles in Pampanga, you find the highest concentration of ladyboys in the country. Now you need to think about how to proceed, whether the good Old Fashion or Online Dating. Here below, you will find insights whichever way you decide to pick.

Ladyboy Bars in Metro Manila and the rest of the country

Nightlife Manila Ladyboy Bars

As of now, there are not yet exclusive ladyboys bars in the Philippines, like Sensation or Kitten Club in Thailand. While there are go-go bars that have shemale among the staff, bear in mind that in some clubs, discotheques and hotels, ladyboys are not allowed. Worry not, are just a few, you won’t have problems finding a ladyboy friendly hotel in Manila as well in the rest of the country. Just think that the luxury Shangri-La hotels franchise is a known place where occasionally escorts and hookers set online meetings with their next customers. However, I personally never had such problems in 7 years of travelling around PH, but for the sake of the record, remember that.

As you have pictured at this point, finding a ladyboy in the Philippines is really easy compared to your country. And if a one night of good-fun is what you looking for, that won’t be a problem (and to address you specifically to the hot hubs, I’ll write a dedicated post for it soon).

Encounter Filipino Ladyboys in the Streets

Generally speaking, Filipinos are social and friendly people, welcoming to their foreign guests, and so are ladyboys. If you wish to set yourself for the nightlife touring the streets, don’t be surprised if the ladyboys you cross are not shy to make the first move to get to know you. Most likely they will be freelance hookers offering you a Private Massage in their rooms (or your condo) with happy-ending. But it is not always the case. Some ladyboys may have no second interests with you and genuine good intentions. The problem is, how can you guess it? That’s an ability that you will master over time “in the battlefield” ( as we say in Italy).

However, if you are in a red-light district, what do you expect? That’s not where you usually find a romantic partner, but it is not even truly impossible 🙂

Some beautiful love stories I’ve known were between ex-ladyboys prostitutes and good foreign guys. Guess what? Just right this morning I had a chat with a ladyboy friend of mine who used to be an escort. She got engaged to a foreign guy a year ago, and she is now living in his country! I have never seen her so happy like this before, but what I cared about the most was that their relationship was going well.

Anyway, if you wish to find something romantic in the old fashion, I’d still recommend you to head for the malls from morning to late noon-time. Places like Starbucks, restaurants, and near Boutique shops or Karaoke bars that’s usually where non-ladyboys hookers hang out. The problem is that they may be a bit reserved and not so open as the first category. Worry not, I got you covered, buddy! 😉

If you are looking for something romantic, like finding a ladyboy girlfriend (and not exclusively), I recommend you to give a try to online dating. In this way, you can arrange dates with anyone even if you have never been to PH before. And this leads us to the next.

Fuschia Anne Ravena MIQ 2022

Fuschia Anne Ravena, from Cebu, is Miss International Queen 2022

Dating ladyboys in the Philippines Online

If red-light districts, go-go bars, freelance hookers and escorts ad like t4m (no longer available on Craiglist) are not your things, use the internet. Yes, you may still go to bars and known places for ladyboy gatherings in the old fashion, but that takes lots of time and resources. On the other hand, Dating ladyboys in the Philippines online with chats and social networks offer attractive advantages like the following:

  1. Safety – You don’t have to hang out to unsafe dark streets
  2. Comfort – Messages and video chats while comfy chilling over a drink at home, in the hotel room, at the bars and malls
  3. Choice – On the ladyboys dating sites you will have thousands of profiles of Filipina ladyboys to browse
  4. Arrangements – You can take your time to arrange ladyboy dates while being still in your country, saving precious time especially if you plan a short stay

Here below the four recommended websites for dating ladyboys in the Philippines online

Myladyboydate – This is my favourite, and I recommend it for the following reasons. Ranked n1 on Google, administrated by a man and his ladyboy girlfriend, who back in 2012 created a specialized transgender website for romantic dates. Designed with high modern features, the dating site encourages the value of a serious relationship between ladyboys and trans-attracted men. If you were looking to find a ladyboy girlfriend, hoping for marriage or a long-term relationship, this site is indeed the best pick for you. You can sign up and browse all ladyboy’s profiles for free and receive messages. To avail of the full features, you will have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Be aware that the moderation team (who are all trans ladies by the way) punish severely those who break the rules and policies with warnings and bans. Behave yourself, be polite, and certainly, you will enjoy finding the ladyboy dates of your dreams on over one million profiles.

Pinalove – Been around for about a decade or so; it is the most famous dating site in the Philippines with free registration. The website is well-populated by cute Trans-Pinay is because it allows transgenders and transsexuals to choose their gender. That helps to avoid mixing up anonymously with genetic women. One more exciting feature, you can send a message every ten minutes with the free subscription. Otherwise, to remove this restriction, you will have to upgrade premium. By the way, Its design may look familiar if you previously used Thaifriendly; the owners are the same.

MytransgenderdateUpdate 2022 – The new kid in the block, which opened just recently, is born from a merge between the above-mentioned My ladyboy date (MLD) and the former twin My Transsexual date. If you had already an account on MLD, you could still use the same info to log in and access the site. Take note that the same rules and recommendations for myladyboydate above also apply for mytransgenderdate. You can sign up for free and browse all ladyboy’s profiles immediately.

LadyboyKisses – Last but nonetheless, ladyboy kisses is another popular and old website specialized for dating ladyboys. It has a well-established database and features lots of matchmaking tools and profile customization.  They have a similar system as myladyboydate; you can register for free, browse profiles and receive messages from ladyboys. Also, in this case, to be able to replay back to messages, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan. The website is administrated by a German guy who runs more than a dating site such as ThaiKisses to mention.

Dating ladyboys in the Philippines Online

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