Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys

Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys in Thailand

Asian transsexuals are known to be among the most passable and beautiful transgender on the planet. Very often even more than genetic Thai girls. However, no doubts ladyboys from Thailand, also called Kathoey by locals, are the most famous transsexuals in Asia. Are you wondering then Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys in Thailand? I  can address you the right way.

Here is the list, with a short preview of best travel destinations, and places to stay in the following order:

  • Cultural Areas and place of interests
  • Major cities where to meet ladyboys
  • Ladyboy beauty pageants

Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys

Ladyboy in Bangkok Nana PlazaThere are actually so many places where you can find stunning ladyboys in Thailand. If you want to meet ladyboys along the beaches, Phuket is one of the best destinations. You can even meet Thai transgender while visiting cultural locations, like the Crystal Palace in Chiang Mai, or the natural paradises of Ko Ko Phi.

You may find this info unrealistic if you think of your westerner country, but you should know that Thailand is the world most populated country by ladyboys. Just forget what you know about the LGBT scene in your western country, here it is another world. And truth be told, as in Thai and rest of south-east Asia,  ladyboys and all LGBT people, are much better tolerated and integrated into the society like anywhere else in the world.

You’ll pretty soon see for yourself that It is not so difficult to meet ladyboys at every corner of the street in this country. Often, ladyboys will make the first move, approaching you and offering to be your tour guide or entertain you somehow. Pretty cool companionship when you are a ladyboy lover, isn’t it? The chances to meet transsexual women that match better your expectations are indeed higher than your home country, guaranteed.

If you rather the nightlife and urban districts with all the comforts, then you will have even higher chance to see a lot more stunning ladyboys in the major cities.

Below the list of the most famous city in Thailand for ladyboy dating.

Thai ladyboys in Bangkok

Bangkok is the first place where most people go, and you can literally see ladyboys everywhere if you know how to spot them. Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and is filled with center for beauty enhancement and clinics for sex change. You shall know that these places for cosmetics application are very popular in Thailand, and very often you will meet ladyboys in the neighbours. Why? Because these quarters are where they can find all the needs for their transition   😉

But if you know nothing about this country, and you ask local people where to meet ladyboys, usually people will address you at red light districts…

However, Bangkok and Pattaya are also famous for attracting the so-called medical tourism for beauty applications. Thailand’s clinics today are considered among the most prestigious and advanced beauty center for transsexual women in the world. Then, here you are likely to meet not only beautiful Thai ladyboys but also transsexual coming from other countries if you like  🙂

Note: If you are transsexual and looking for cosmetic tips or beauty center in Thailand, take a look at Nisamanee Lertvorapong (Nutt)

Otherwise, you can look for a Thai massage center, where usually there are ladyboys too between the Thai girls.

If you rather date ladyboys in red like districts, then you shall take a tour along the famous Nana Plaza (Soy 4), Soy Cowboy, and around the big malls or commercial districts.

Thai Ladyboys in Pattaya

Ladyboys Kathoey tgirl in Pattaya

Nightlife – Click to enlarge

As well in Pattaya, you can apply the same tips for Bangkok and any other provinces and city in Thailand. But in Pattaya, you will have extra chances 😉 Why? Well, Pattaya city is also called the ladyboy world capital.

This city attracts the interest of many transsexuals coming from all Thailand provinces, and nearest countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and so on. That’s because Pattaya offers many opportunities for Thai ladyboys to find a different kind of occupation or any business. There is a huge nightlife activity, and that’s where many foreigners spend their vacation to have the most fun. Especially those who are looking for ladyboys.

In Pattaya city, you can find many shows performed by Thai ladyboys. Cabaret, traditional Thai ballets, beauty pageants, and various shows performed by t-girls only.

One of the best places you can see them is Alcazar cabaret show or Tiffany’s. Pattaya is also full of Nightclubs and ladyboy Go Go bars especially along the Walking street and ladyboy red light districts. Take a look at Sensation ladyboy bar where you can also find ladyboys from Philippines and Malaysia. As well in Pattaya, you shall not miss getting some relax at massage centers and try the famous Thai massage.

Are there other ways Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys?

Of course, this is just a short preview of most famous destinations. If you never been in Thailand before,  you now have the least idea where to go if you want to date ladyboy exclusively. Is that all? Of course not! Now we gonna see further options you can choose, which are always my most favourite and I warmly recommend.

Internet Thai dating – My ladyboy date and Thai Friendly

If you don’t like to go around without being sure of what you could find, then I advise you to give a try on internet dating.

I recommend you to sing up at My ladyboy date, or Thai Friendly.

In this way, you can avoid some issues that come when you are someone who doesn’t easily trust unknown people. Remember that your safety is a priority, a must have! Furthermore, if you want to date ladyboys exclusively, there will be no mistakes. All profiles will be trans-women from Asia, and this is a thing to consider when you are not so good on How to spot a ladyboy

Hardly you may tell at times if the girl you were seen is a ladyboy or not, especially if you are a westerner foreigner.

In this way, you can also organize your stay in advance and your companionship! Just take a look at this page for specialized dating service for ladyboys and follow my tips 😉

PRO DATING REVIEWS: I recommend you also to take a look at this site for ladyboy dating sites reviews 

Local ladyboy beauty pageants

You should also to don’t lose the chance to see the greatest Thai ladyboy catwalk in Thailand! If you really want to see the most beautiful Thai transgender, you should look for local beauty pageants. And you can’t really miss the following events exclusively for tgirl.

Miss Tiffany’s Universe – Miss Thai ladyboy


Thai ladyboys at Miss Tiffany’s Universe

This is sure an event you shouldn’t lose if you are in Thailand between April – May. Since 2004, Miss Tiffany’s Universe is held every year in Pattaya as national ladyboy beauty pageant Miss trans Thailand ). Forget the freelance ladyboys you seen around red light districts. In these places, you will not only see the most stunning beauty Thai ladyboys, but also the most decent and proud transsexual from Thailand. These events are very well organized and attract also many people, tgirl included 😉

Pssst! Little gossip!

Right a few days ago, has been elected the most beautiful Thai ladyboy of 2015. Unfortunately, my favourite and bet, Hanah,  didn’t win even though she is incredibly beauty


Sophida Siriwatananukul, 22, (known as Nong Bai Mon), a student at the Rachapat University in Ayutthaya Province has won Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2015 edition.

Here you can see more at official Miss Tiffany’s Universe facebook page

Miss International Queen – World transsexual beauty pageant

In Thailand, you can have also the chance to see beautiful transsexual coming from all over the world. Transgender willing to compete for the most prestigious title and prize ever, the crown of Miss International Queen. This contest is today the most authoritative beauty pageant for transsexual. Miss international queen is held every year since 2004 in Pattaya city around October – November.

How to find beautiful Thai ladyboys

As you pictured now, finding ladyboys in Thailand is not that difficult. And If you know a bit of the popular places, lifestyle, and particularities you can optimize your:

  • Resources
  • Chances
  • Time

Though, the main issue you may have is how to spot a transsexual, ladyboy, Kathoey, transgender in Thailand, as they call them.

As I mentioned, this is the typical problem when you are new to the game of dating ladyboys, because Asian ladyboys ( not only Thai Kathoey ) are the most passable transsexuals women you will ever see around. And if you want to meet ladyboys only, you need to learn to distinguish them from genetic women. On the other hand, even though you are hanging out in the red light districts, where very often ladyboys will try to hook you up, you will have always to ask if she is or not (it could be embarrassing to some) . If you don’t, and you find out she is not what you looking for… You may face problems unexpected. Beware, also genetic girls will try to hook you up! Then if you want to organize yourself, take a look at these resources for internet dating to meet ladyboys

However, in the next article, I will prepare a little guide for your first travel and Dating ladyboys Thailand, which will include also a short guide for how to spot a ladyboy 😉

Taking a travel to Thailand?

Travelling for a vacation, or anything is always nice, but it may cost a lot even with the convenient currency exchange with Thailand “BATH”. If you don’t have so much experience organize your travel and accommodations, here you can save precious bucks and find the best hotel deals in Thailand. From budget to 5 stars and discounts up to 75%. Furthermore, traveller reviews and handy map locations. I always use it and recommend to all my friends!

Note: You can also make a custom research for all Thai provinces, it’s very intuitive and easy, enjoy!

Apartments in Thailand – If you plan a long stay, you may want to look for large apartments, cosy condos, and residences. Then, you should definitely try AIRBNB for short rent. In this way, you can get in touch with owners, and ask for cheaper rates on long terms.


For sure to a first timer, this is all fascinating and exciting,  for those guys who are dreaming to date a cute Asian Ladyboy like me, in particular, if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Thanks to the high transsexual population in this country, you can have better chance to find your match, as well a different life quality if you like. Nowadays the westerner currency exchange is pretty convenient with most Asain coins, then even a full move in these lands is an option to consider. But in my opinion, more than most, if you wish to find a friendly culture which is more open to different sexual orientations and gender identities ( for sure more than the western countries ).

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  1. within a month i’m traveling to Phuket in thailand for 8 days..
    where and how can i meet such a nice ladyboys & tomboys !?
    as i dont like to deal with streetworkers i just need a nice one.
    also is the hotel’s allow them to visit my room !?

    • Hi Samer

      To Phuket? Nice! Don’t miss Patong Beach, As well take a tour at “Illusion Club”, there are beautiful Thai ladyboys among the entertainers. Most hotels usually don’t make problems, if they do, is probably because the girl you picked up is known to them for some reasons, just saying 🙂

      In alternative to street girls, you may consider at Thai ladyboy dating at this page of my blog for internet resources.

  2. I am visiting Phuket and Bangkok on vacation. I am looking for a LB just as a tour guide. I am not looking for relationships or sex. But would love the chance to spend some time getting to know their lives. Is there a site where I can make contact without being ripped off. Thank you

    • Hi there @C Jones

      Well, even though the sites I recommended are professionally moderated, and minimised the risk, there are always some rotten Apples. Just apply the good common sense when you interacting with the Thai Girls, whether they are Ladyboys or Genetic girls.
      Sure, there are girls who are just fine to be your tour guide. My best advice is, when you get in touch with a possible date on the sites, just set the things Upfront with your date or future tour guide, as much as you explained here. Most important, find one who can speak English enough if you wish to travel around.

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