Ladyboys in Thailand Video

Ladyboys in Thailand Video

Are you also attracted to transgender women like me? With a weakness for those exotic from Asia, better known as Ladyboys? If that’s so, most likely the first time you have heard about ladyboys, was about the ones from Thailand. No wonder, Thai ladyboys are the most famous trans women worldwide and in this country, it is also held every year World’s Transgender Beauty contest.

Thailand also owns another record. Pattaya city is renowned for being Ladyboy’s World Capital. Along Walking Street, you find the highest concentration of Thai Ladyboys in the country, followed by Bangkok, the capital.

Ladyboys in Thailand Video Gallery

Whether you are seeking a ladyboy date, or just curious about the topic, in this video gallery about Ladyboys in Thailand, you can find a bit of a preview of the LGBT scene and more. I’ve gathered only a few meaningful videos and will add more over time if worth it. Check out also my ladyboy dating blog for more related topics.

I’ve also linked a few topics with references to the subject on the description in some videos.

The Ladyboys Phenomenom in Thailand

Thailand is among the most visited countries in the world. Not everybody knows tough, that one of its main tourist’s attractions are transgender women, better known as ladyboys. Whether out of curiosity or to have an intimate experience with Thai ladyboys, people also choose Thailand for having the highest population of trans women in Asia, and likely even worldwide. Find out more at the related link below

Josephine Tan Interview

The charming Josephine Tan is a Filipina ladyboy originally from Cebu. She moved to Thailand, in Pattaya (city also known as the Ladyboys World Capital), and became a popular figure in the nightlife scene as an entertainer.

In this video interview, Josephine little by little reveals the story about her past and early days in Thailand. The differences between living in Thailand and the Philippines, and even some very intimate matters about growing and living as a trans woman.

Find out more about it on the related topic at the link below

A Ladyboy’s Heart – Nisamanee Nutt

In this musical video, featuring the beautiful Thai trans woman Nisamane Nutt, there is a tale to be heard. The moving story of growing as a transgender, wishes, love and emotions with a surprising twist at the end!

If you had dreams of having a ladyboy girlfriend, this video is for you.

English subtitles are available in the options.

LookPad At Thailand’s Got Talent

In Thailand, the LGBT community is mainstream, especially the ladyboys. Lookpad has gained notoriety for appearing in the episodes docuseries called “Ladyboys”. She is also known for being a cabaret dancer and for her presence in the Thai media.

Ladyboys in Pattaya Walking Street

The Walking Street in Pattaya is filled with bars, restaurants, clubs and adult entertainment. But it is better known for its high presence of ladyboys along the way.

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About Dating a Thai Ladyboy

While the Buddhist religion in Thailand is not against LGBT people, many ladyboys still have a preference for white Western men. Indeed, it is a very subjective matter, but as the saying goes "What is rare is more Valuable", white men are also considered by some as more "Alpha Male" and attractive than Asian males. The other way around is also true for Asian ladyboys living in your country.

If you'd like to know more about ladyboy dating, check out other topics on my blog! I'd like to know your take on the topic, leave a comment! 🙂

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