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Andrea Del Riva & Friends in Asia Philippines

Here I should tell something about myself? Okay, I'm a ladyboy lover and I'm living a beautiful love story with my Ladyboy Girlfriend. My name is Andrea (in my country it is a male name), I'm a man coming from a small town in northern Italy.

After many round trips, travelling here and there in Asia, I finally moved for good in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. Love was among the main reasons. I first met my girlfriend online on the internet, and now we living together in Manila as a couple.

Are you also attracted by the beauty of Asian Transgender?

Hi there! I made this blog mainly for those men like me who are attracted to Third Sex Women from Asia, as they call them. Better to say, the transsexual ladies known as Ladyboys. If you are willing to follow my path, I hope on my blog you can find some useful insights about dating ladyboys and a preview of what awaits you. Yes, it is mostly aimed to help out my fellow ladyboy lovers, but not exclusively. More of that below.

Why am I doing this blog?

Okay... I know it, I'm probably one of the worst bloggers (am I ?), my English is embarrassing at times, but I hope you will give more importance to my stories. Actually, my non-fluent English didn't prevent me from turning my dreams into reality. If you have the same difficulty, no worries, that's the least of your problems 🙂

Jokes aside...

So, why am I doing this blog? Among the many other reasons I could tell, I wish to start by saying that when I figured out years ago that the best partner in life for me was having a ladyboy girlfriend, I couldn't find anything on the Internet good enough.

What do I mean? I was looking for the answers to all my questions and insecurities, and because I had never been to Asia at that time. I'm someone who always studies the lesson before putting it into practice. That's where I met the first problem; there were just a couple of decent blogs/websites on the topic with useful and interesting information. All the rest you can find on the internet when the topic is "Ladyboys" was all about porn and prostitution. And at the present day, the situation hasn't changed that much. Just Google some keywords and see it by yourself.

Love Quest & Meeting New Friends

Well, the good news is, guess what? The author of one of those nice ladyboy blogs I mentioned, is today a friend of mine (the blonde guy in the pic above by my left side, more about that at the end). Today I have friends who read my blog that come over to Manila to meet their ladyboy girlfriends, some are living here for good (or have plans), and other loves to travel around the Philippines and Asia as I did in the past. And, of course, sharing their trips with fine ladyboys 🙂

However, as you can picture, I had to become the master of myself. Moving my steps alone, getting my direct experience and learning from my mistakes while travelling at the discovery of Asia and dating trans women.

Transgender Ladies are humans, not an object of pleasure

Ladyboy Girlfriend from Manila, Philippines

Friends and Ts Girlfriends at the GreenBelt Makati, Metro Manila

There is one thing that you can sense while reading the articles of my blog. I'm not someone merely after a sexual fantasy as many do. I soon realised that having a TS GF was the best for me. Then, I was really looking for love on every date. Yep, "I also had to kiss many frogs", but eventually... I'm now one of the luckiest to have found a beautiful good heart of Filipina TS, and I'm never been happier in my life. And today I'm living my dream in Asia, finally!

The con side, when you have a special girlfriend like mine, you know, is not the easiest of the love relationship. Because of public opinions, social battles and barriers to face. I hope my little contribution can open a bit people's minds, turning them more respectful of the human being, as long as he or she is a genuine person.

Last and not the less important, for those men who would like to engage in a long term love story with a ladyboy, but are afraid of what people could say about them. So, with this blog, I walk you through the escalations of my experiences, and help you out to face the most typical concerns, and win your insecurities.

I know the feelings, I've been there just like you, but I've break free and am now happy with who I like and love.

Update Dec 2015: I've promised to add something more about my story, currently you can find something on my new blog: My transsexuals girlfriend

I know is not what you were expecting, so next updates I'll write a more in the topic story of myself exclusive to Asian transgender very soon! Word of ex-boy scout 🙂

About Me & my Ladyboy Girlfriend

Update Oct 2016 - Today I'm a web entrepreneur and as they call it, a digital nomad. I never thought I would become a blogger when I was younger, but today what was just a hobby of the past became my job. More motivation to pursue this path came out when I met my first ladyboy girlfriend online (on the internet) years ago.  I find out that having a mobile online job was the best deal for me to move Around Asia and live there. By the way, in case you are an Italian, you can take a look at my Italian blogs LaMiaLadyboy.com and see also  FidanzataTransex.com.

I'm lucky for having a Ladyboy girlfriend with a decent job knowing the difficulties these ladies have to face in the work market. She is working as a saleslady in a Mall here in Manila, and she is a very independent hard working person. Actually, I do admire her not only because she left her family in the province of Visayas ten years ago and started to live alone here in Manila. But also because she has never been into sex work or drugs or any compromising activity.

That's made me realise that all the bad stereotypes about the transgender and transsexual community here in Asia are just one face of the coin. Before meeting my current lb GF, I've met plenty of decent ladyboys living a decent ordinary life as much as you do.

Finding a ladyboy girlfriend from Asia

I and my Ladyboy Girlfriend In ManilaBefore meeting my sweet ladyboy girlfriend, Roxy, I've been dating different types of Asian TS, with who I shared kind and also sad memories.

Yes, when you look for love and a stable long-term relationship, the difficult part is not finding a pretty ladyboy girlfriend, but your match. Especially when you are coming from a different society and culture. Two different mentalities, educations, living standards and so on, it's not always easy to deal with and work out the issues at all times.

Then, my biggest concern was finding a shortcut to optimise my time and resources and focus on possible matches. But how?

The Revolution of Modern Internet Resources

What has helped me a lot to find finally the girl of my dreams has been Internet Dating. Like it or not, it's a powerful tool, and I'm so thankful to have had this opportunity these years! Especially when I think of those times where people were writing paper love letters delivered in a month! WoW, I feel blessed being born in this technological era.

Men who like to date Asian trans-women

Ah! For the record, that's me in the above pics, with some of my friends taken in Manila years ago. Does the blonde westerner guy look familiar? And the girls? Of course, are all ladyboys from the Philippines, and the blondie is Maki's (the girl in the video gallery on my site) boyfriend from France, Cyril.

Somehow I also got involved in various activities for transgender equality rights with them and educating people to understand the meaning of gender identity & sexual orientation. And of course, they are all in a romantic love relationship with their ladyboy girlfriends and boyfriends. You can think of us as team pioneers, that in our little want to give a contribute and try to change something in better 🙂

Why Ladyboy Travel Date?

I know it sounds a bit too Keyword based, but that was the combination of words I found that, more or less, fits the intentions of this blog. It's mainly addressed to westerner guys living thousands of miles away from Asia.

For the record, ladyboy is just the international term to address transgender and transsexuals from Asia. It's maybe not the right political term to employ, but it makes clear the topic easier, just to make it simple for everyone.

Are you a ladyboy lover like me? A fan of the Asian culture and exotic beauty and attracted to trans women?  If so, you'll be travelling to Asia sooner or later. And if you have never been to countries like the Philippines and Thailand, and all those located in South East Asia, I will try my best to give you a preview with

  • Valuable dating tips
  • Travel advice
  • My personal experience explained at the best I know through my blog
  • Answer to your question on emails or comments on my blog
Travelling  has changed me into a better person

Beyond dating matters, travelling in Asia is an awesomely unique experience! It changes you forever, and you'll not look at the world with the same eyes after that. It made me grow a lot, emancipated, enriched, and happier. Living somewhere in Asia as I do, might be a good choice for many or a life experience worthy at least once. If you feel to follow my path, yes, it takes some time to organise yourself, but doing so, is nothing more than a matter of will! I've found my happiness to the other side of the globe, and if you are still unhappy, maybe you should ask yourself why!

I hope my personal observations and experiences will make it easier for you to come up with what you like and want.

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  1. Hi good morning or evening thank you for your blog l really want to ladyboy or she Male in person I’m not financially set I’ve never traveled outside of Canada if live to travel to the Philippines one day but I can’t afford it, anyway you’re blessed to be there and met the ladyboy of your dreams maybe I’ll meet a lady here in Canada hopefully thank you I like your story I’m stuck a closet bisexual person who likes ladyboy but never been with one one day hopefully, thanks again take care

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