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How to date a ladyboy with class

Dreaming to have a ladyboy girlfriend or a single date? I'm myself a ladyboy lover, and I'm in a happy love relationship with good heart ladyboy from Asia. If you were looking for Ladyboy Dating Guide with effective tips, a little help, here you can find valuable information to turn your dreams into reality.

I always knew that having a t-girl girlfriend was the right thing for me, but it's not always easy to pick up a nice t-girl. If you have insecurities or curiosity, here you can also find what you need to kick away some frustrations.

A valuable Ladyboy dating guide & tips

I mentioned is not easy to pick up the ladyboy you dreaming of? Then before starting your search both online or real life, I recommend you to take a look at this Ladyboy dating guide, because if you never had a date with a transgender, no matter if she is from Asia or west countries, you need to know what you are doing! If you are an outsider, a newbie, the chance is she to turn you off after few minutes of conversations. Believe me.  Ladyboys, t-girls, transgender, transsexuals women, as they call them... Are sensitive persons, and there are topics that you should know before to start dating a ladyboy!

Help out yourself to avoid the most common mistakes. Those naive errors that usually both teen and mature men often commit. Here below, some additional details to give you a better idea.

Dating ladyboys from Asia

There are many common things you can notice when dating a ladyboy from Asia or local transsexual in your country. Though, bear in mind that Asian culture has its traditions and different religious beliefs. Mentalities are different, and it takes time to understand. Don't get afraid! They have many good side that you will love and appreciate. If you want to know and make some remote experience, start with dating ladyboys on internet ( online ). You can take your time to engage some conversations with ladyboys on chats.

This is always a way that I recommend for many reasons:

  • If you can't travel in Asia, as in Thailand or Philippines, you can, at least, get in touch with some ladyboys from Asia or with those who live in your country. Eventually, find a date.
  • You have all the comforts of being home with a big catwalk of all ladyboy profiles on the site 24/7.
  • If you decide to get finally travel in south-east Asia and date your sweet ladyboy girlfriend is just like having a lovely tour guide for your first journey at the discovery of Asia. Cool, isn't it?
  • And of course, you can start to figure out the differences between Asian Culture, Mentalities and traditions compared to the west side of the world!

Sounds cool? That's how I did, and it worked. So can do for you, and just wish you the best for you and your future ladyboy girlfriend. But first, I'm telling you with all my heart to lend an ear to these recommendations.

NOTE: Some of the buttons below are still not working, but I decided to left them there to let you know what you will find soon 😉

Get genuine valid ladyboy dating advices from a transwoman

Maki Gingoyon is an Asian transgender advocate from Philippines, beauty queen, marketing manager at Myladyboydate and in love relationship with her boyfriend from Europe

Men attracted to ladyboy are gay ?

This is the never-ending debate that often makes men do steps back when they willing to date transgender women or ladyboys. Men who likes to date ladyboy are gay ? Some think so, because T-girls were born boys. Even thoug she looks a perfect woman, and because she may still have her male genitalia in pre-op or non op condition. For some people this is a reason enough to call you gay or homosexual. I know the feeling, i've been there. Watch this video, and read my blog, it will be for you a turning point. Super recommended!

The tranny chaser case, issue of dating online and real life

An issue that not rarely happens when you are a ladyboy lover, a man looking for a ladyboy girlfriend. Is more correct to speak about Trans-oriented man, means that you are attracted to transexual women male to female, and you want to date exclusively, in this case, Asian ladyboys. Though, some t-girls may not like the fact that you like them because they are trans. But does it matter if your bf likes you for this reason? Tranny chaser is not equal to tranny chaser. I recommend to watch the video! That you are a man or trans girl!

Note - If you want to know more about Maki and the cause, follow this link My transsexual date review

Ladyboy dating on internet

I mentioned earlier Internet research on the introduction on my ladyboy dating guide. Take a look at this and understand how it works internet dating for transgender. The common issues related when you wish to date trans women online. This is the video I first recommend you to watch before you proceed to sing up on any ladyboy dating site. Remember also that if you willing to travel in Asia to meet your future ladyboy girlfriend, trough internet dating you can organize your stay much easier.

How to properly address a ladyboy, trans girl

If there is something that some trans women cannot stand, is being wrongly addressed. Many calls them by different names: transgender, trans, ladyboys, kathoey, katoi, new-half, shemale, tranny, dickgirls and other names considered vulgar. Because are associated or coming from the porn industry. The politically correct, and scientific term, is transsexual male to female. But this sound too much. As you pictured, now while chatting with trans women, be aware of what she could find offensive. In this ladyboy dating guide video, you'll learn how to avoid to offend her without knowing it!

Before your first date and intimacy with a ladyboy pre-op or non-op

If there is a crucial topic that you really need to care before you first date with a ladyboy and intimacy, is her condition. What does this means? Knowing earlier is she is a ladyboys pre-op, post-op and non-op. In this video you can udnerstnad better the meaning of these terms. Depending on her current conditions and intentions of the ladyboy you are the dating, or chatting, the outcome can be very different in intimacy, influencing the future of your relationship. Make clear this topic as soon as you can !

Ladyboy travel dating video gallery updates

Was useful this ladyboy dating guide ? Let me know what you think, I'm always happy to hear yours stories, and possibly help you out.

Future updates ?

This video gallery for dating online & real life tips, its sub-categories will be updated without regular basis.

If you want to know more about the transgender world and third sex in Asia, sing up the newsletter using the form below! I do appreciate a lot if you share this page with your friend on socials. Lets spread education and awareness! Thank you!

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  1. Interesting videos that you have put together. Found some information that I did not understand in them. Though it would seem to me to be common sense that one should refer to transgender women using proper female words like she and her.
    The problem I have with wanting to date a transgender woman from Asia is actually a lack of confidence in myself. The few ladies from the Philippines I talk with online all tend to live around Manila. It is a much larger city than where I live. I grew up and still live in a very small town in the Midwest of the U.S. Big cities make me very uncomfortable. My fear is that if I find the girl I am looking for and the relationship blossoms, if she came here , it is not like big cities. We don’t have all of the activities here like big cities. And we certainly don’t have any oceans nearby.
    So for now I just talk to them online and try not to let myself get too attached.
    Thank you for your videos.

    • Hi Eric thanks for sharing your thoughts and appreciations.
      Well, trans women from Asia, but Asian population in general are very courteous and friendly poeople, surely you will appreciate this attitude 🙂
      About tgirls from Philippines, it is common to have higher chance to bump into someone who’s living in big city Manila. Now, i suppose you are probably using and online dating site for ladyboys right ? Kinda My ladyboydate ? However, you can find filipina transgender even in little town in every province. I would advise you to use the onsite ” search tool ” for locations as : Makati, Cebu, Davao, even Boracay if you like the beach. Cebu and Davao in particular are very laid back city, where people are used with a lifestyle as your. I’m confident you will find your match very soon!
      Best wishes Eric! 🙂

  2. I have always realized how beautiful transgender, non-op, or pre-op are from the Philippines and the surrounding area. Some of them are so beautiful, that any unsuspecting person thinks they are women. I would like to have enough financial resources to travel and meet some of them in person. They are polite, kind, and very affable. The government of the Philippines is to be Congratulated for not interfering and supporting these gems, which besides being beautiful, still bring much financial support to your country with its intense tourism.

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