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Where and how to meet ladyboys from Asia ?

Have you ever had a date with a ladyboy? If you finally decided to meet one, I recommend starting with a Ladyboy Dating Site. I will explain to you why these are better places than Cam sites, escort services sites, or red-light districts at gogo bars or libertine clubs. Often, the last mentioned are the typical spots where guys had the first virtual or real encounter with the third gender women. And where are based their bits of knowledge on the world of Asian Ladyboys / Transsexuals.

These are the places that frequently turn men into people who are just after sexual fantasies on ladyboys and spreading negative preconceives etc. What generates the so-called phenomenon of tranny chasers.

There is a hidden reality you probably haven't seen yet. What you knew till now is just one face of the coin, the most visible.

The sex industry and stereotypes have deceived you

As a domino effect, even ladyboy dating sites have been generalised. It is true that some are actually not so different from those places I mentioned earlier. And If you are a man looking for a romance with a ladyboy, I will address you on the right ones, with comparisons and feedback.

Men looking for romance with ladyboys

Let's disclose another reality, not all men who like transsexuals are tranny chasers. On the contrary, there are more serious guys out there who are ready, open-minded, over the mere sexual fantasy and looking for real sincere love with a ladyboy ( more than you would imagine ). Ready to travel in Asia and take the hand of their lovely ladyboy GF with pride, dreaming of a happy future together as every couple does.

As evidence of a fact, I'm myself in a love relationship with a ladyboy, just like my dearest friends who are trans-oriented men like me. Though, having the best intentions at times might be not enough. I know the challenges and issues, that's why I've created this exclusive blog for men and ladyboys. With dating guides and so on to help you guys to meet.

It's indeed mainly dedicated to men, in particular for those who are not so familiar with Asian culture, traditions and mentalities. Here I've shared dating tips based on my personal experiences, aimed to help you to get confidence with transsexual dating in the Orient and more.

The first tip on a Ladyboy Dating Site: Bear in mind that not all transgender from Asia likes to be called ladyboy. During your chat, you can safely address her as a transgender woman, or transsexual, she won't get offended, guaranteed.

Who are the trans-oriented?

In short, we are those men who rather transsexuals ladies over genetic women. Proud and willing to take the hand of a special girl, not minding what people could say, ready to start a long-term love relationship with a ladyboy.

All cool, but where can I meet ladyboys looking for romance?

Best ladyboys dating sites

Whatever you were looking for, a specialised dating site for ladyboys is where you should start. Especially if you never had any dating experience before. In this way, you can break the ice into this world in full safety. And if you follow my advice, you will find out that not all ladyboys are sex workers and meet the finest ones. So, you can save money, avoiding the risks of STDs that you would have with the bargirls or escorts. I believe, with these last reasons you should have pictured it pretty well the scenario.

In the following paragraphs, I will guide you through understanding its good points and why is a good choice.

But as I mentioned, you need first to remove the prejudices, forget all you knew till now,  not all ladyboy dating sites for Asian transgender, trans-women or ladyboys, are made for hookups only.

Second dating tip: as a WOMAN is how you have to treat a ladyboy!

Below this page, I've prepared a list of best ladyboy dating sites. Making a comparison between those aimed at romance and those for casual dating. But before that, one more recommendation.

Where to find ladyboys looking for a date or boyfriend?

Ladyboy dating sites the best

Asian Ladyboy

Clink on this link and browse one of the best ladyboy dating sites ever made for romance. This is where I found and dated my current ladyboy girlfriend, and meet many friends who are Asian t-girls in the past years, in particular from Thailand and Philippines.

Trough these internet resources you can also meet ladyboys from all around the world of course. Most important, this site truly aims and encourage the values of serious commitment and love story.

Professionally moderated and friendly. Absolutely recommended.

Too nice to be true? Some people underrate the potential of these services just because they don't know how to use these tools in major cases. Of course, true that sometimes you can get fooled by some little brand services and unprofessional webmasters. This time, my dear ladyboy lover, you found a good one. See it by yourself, and also try the others listed below, I dare you to prove me wrong 🙂

Once again, I'm myself a ladyboy lover, or better to say a trans-oriented man. I've had already ladyboy girlfriends, got to know them trough online dating, traveled in Asia later on, finally dated them in real, got into a long-term relationship. And today I also do activism and advocacy for LGBT ( read about me page of this site )

If it worked for me, the same could do for you. And I will help you how to do it with my blog post and guides.

P.S. sing up for my newsletter and don't miss my next articles and guides.

Latest Update: July 2022

Best Ladyboy Dating Site for romance

Ladyboy dating sites for casual encounters

DATING ADVISE - You should not sing up on romance ladyboy dating site if you are looking for a one night stand and nothing more. And again, do not generalise all transsexual dating sites as places to find sexual pleasure.

Here is the evidence, these sites below are the most two famous today. Take a look and sing up for comparison, you will notice right away the different targets compared to the previous list of ladyboy dating sites.

Then, If you are exclusively interested in hook ups and fun, without restriction & full freedom, Tranny dates or Adult Friend finder is what suit you best. There you will be free to share your preferences with almost no censor of textual content or images. These are absolutely the largest and most famous websites for casual encounters or sexy dating with ladyboys.

IMPORTANT: in the case of problems opening the page linked here, just deactivate your AD blocker for the meantime. Some browser put a restriction on such sites.

How to choose the best Ladyboy Dating Site

Compared to My Ladyboy Date, some of the ladyboy dating sites listed on this page have fewer restrictions. About what you can or not show on your personal profile, as video, pics, and textual content. It doesn't mean that those are not good sites, but basically, they have a wider range of tolerance. Then, it might be better suited for the public not expressly interested in a long-term relationship, but just for making friends, find some companionship, or casual encounters. For romance purpose, It will just cost you a bit more time because it has fewer restrictions or lower level of profile screening

Then you may find some ladies or men who claim to be somebody they are not. Just Don't worry, in any case, are all useful sites, whatever you looking for, in the event of problems there are always report buttons / link to administrators.

Which ladyboy dating site should I try?

To make it short, let's say that Thai Friendly to date Thai ladyboys is absolutely a pretty good ladyboy dating site if you like the Kahtoeys from Thailand in particular ( see the review ). While TrannyDates is made for hook up with a T-girl, not for romance. Bear in mind that, while some sites offer more freedom, is still forbidden  to load images of nudity or vulgar content. For example, on Thai Friendly and all those mentioned for romance (warned!).

Instead, if you are searching for true love and genuine relationship with a ladyboy, as mentioned more than once, I warmly recommend you to sing up on Myladyboydate, you will not regret it! This ladyboy datin site is modern, mobile friendly, all profile are screened and monitored by active moderators 24/7. Furthermore, most of these dating services are offering Free sing up, which will allow you to browse all profiles of transgender or men, depending which one you chosen. Some require a fee to upgrade for a premium to unlock unlimited functions, I know not all likes it, but after all, if you think all the bucks you would spend with the Pay to Pay... Up to you.

Take also a look on Ladyboy Kisses, is an old good website ( the oldest ) where to know trans women from Asia. This might be your choice in case your PC is a bit old and not up to spec with modern features. LadyboyKisses will be a good choice for you. The only cons of this site it's the low compatibility with mobile systems as Tablets and Smartphones.

Then if you wanna have 100% compatibility with these modern devices, the top of the top for you is once again My ladyboy date.

My ladyboy date is really the best site for transgender?

Date ladyboys looking for love

Visit the best dating site for love relationship

Still questions about How to date a ladyboy ?

Now you should have, at least, fewer doubts of which ladyboy dating site is best for you to know and date Asian ladyboys!

If you need further pieces of information to be successful, remember that love is also a game. You need to learn how to play the so-called game of love! Once you sing up to any of these sites, whatever you chosen, you have done just half part of the work.

Being successful in the game of dating ladyboys as much as many other matters require some experience. Getting documented and informed is mandatory. Because you could get quickly rejected if you don't know how to talk and behave with these special girls. Yes, they are unique ladies. And if you want to be successful just like PICK-UP ARTIST, ( not a tranny chaser ) sing up my newsletter using the box below to don't miss next updates on my site.

In future you will find new articles that will help you out not only finding the ladyboy of you dreams, I will also share with you personal experiences as: What a T-girl expect from a man, what she likes and what she doesn't. I had mostly ladyboys girlfriends in my life, and I'll share my expertise.

You will find soon more of my personal story on "about page" of my blog 😉

What I wish most is... the hope that while reading my stories you will also learn how to love and respect them, and possibly to get in a long-term relationship. I am happily in love with my sweet Filipina ladyboy girlfriend. I can tell you that having a lady boy girlfriend it is just wonderful.

You will discover how sweet, lovely, caring and tender these girls can be when they recognise that you truly love them. Always respect and treat you girlfriend for the woman that she is! Like the most delicate flower you ever 😉

So, did you try already you luck on a ladyboy dating site ? I would like to know your experience. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email trough the contact page. I check my email box almost every day, expect a reply within 48 hours.

Date ladyboys looking for love

Visit the best dating site for love relationship

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  1. Hi,
    Have a blessed day everyone. First and for most I would love to say thank you to the owner of the site, where I meet my man. Credit to the ADMIN, you give us all a big chance to live in this world , equally! As a ladyboy or transwoman, we highly appreciated this site, where we can express our real feelings, to live , to love and be loved. We all really know that we live in this world with so much discrimination, so much sins, but if we love someone, we have to be true to our self. Love is not just a simple words, but its a sacred word.
    Now, when I first join this site I talk my self, this is the start of my search of man, here we can express more, especially finding true love. True love should be for life. And its really true, falling in love is the most wonderful feelings I ever experienced. Now I meet this man, of course older than my age but he sounds a very most interesting man I could find, which is challenging for me. I hopefully that we will meet by this year, hopefully soon this few months. I myself is really excited, don;t know what to do if I gonna meet him personally. I never had a experienced this feeling before. Of course, I do have a relationship with Filipino guy, but its more different of this white foreign man.
    Again, thank you ADMIN for giving me this opportunity. bless us all!!!

    • Hi Sandy,
      Welcome and thank you for the appreciations and kind words. I look positive at future for a better society more open minded and respecful. With this website i wish to give my contribute for the good of trans-oriented men and transgenders. More than most for thoese people that are looking for serious commitment and love story, not minding the disciminations that some cultures around the world still have.
      Thank you for sharing you thoughts and story, I’m so happy this site helped you to find your happiness and soulmate

  2. i am more than glad to finally found ladyboy dating .com.i would love to meet foreighner guys for friendships at first .well, who knows .we could be lovers oneday.I BELIEVE IN THE APHORISM LOVE .ONEDAY I WILL GET MARRIED.,

    • Hi there Szwereeka!

      The good thing about the time we living, is that, has never been more easy as today to get to know and meet people from all over the world. More than most for love affairs.

      Most of us looking for the person next door, or just in the neighbours… But sometimes your soul mate could be hiding somewhere else… Even in long distance. Today we have so many more opportunities to make or dreams come true.
      Just keep cool and positive and… Love love love 🙂


    • Lol, funny one eheheh 🙂

      Well, i’m going to reveal you a little secret that belong to sex workers mostly, but is something really common for many actually. Is known that hormones are the cause of erectile disfunction. The solution is quite simple but not the cheapest… Most use the famous pills like Viagra, or even better Cialis.

      In reality, to men who suffer of this problem, then very solution is SPORT activity! 😉

  3. I LOVE ALL DECENT LADYBOYS DATING SITE i hope i find a acceptance and the real and right one person for me MORE POWER 🙂 kisses from phillipines

    • Most dating sites for Transsexuals and Transgenders do not allow Genetic women to sing up. However, you can try ThaiFriendly, that site is for both Genetic Females and Trans women. You can find the link in this page. Cheers.

  4. Hiya. I discovered your current blog site the usage of bing. That’s a very well authored content. I most certainly will make sure you save them and are available back in understand additional of one’s valuable information and facts. We appreciate you the actual submit. I am going to certainly returning filipina women and trans.

  5. Hi everyone im very lucky to be part of this site im very happy for being here, thank you so much who’s making of this web site.
    Hoping to fine men to make a serious relatipnship.
    Thank YOU

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