Wrong stereotype about Asian ladyboys

Wrong stereotype about Asian ladyboys

Here there is a matter that I wish to make clear. Explaining why there are many wrong stereotype about Asian ladyboys. Many tend to generalise a lot judging so quick on issues related to transsexuals community. That’s why some men are acting like they don’t want to get serious with a ladyboy, and just looking for fun and satisfy all lust sexual fantasies. Then this topic is mainly addressed to those men, but I save the hope that whoever want to understand better how different the reality can be, compared to what have been told or you heard around.

The first time you meet a ladyboy

Probably the first time you heard about ladyboys, was probably something connected to Thailand and Asian TS. Likely stories about the red light district in Pattaya along the Walking Street. Maybe some of your friends told you their sexy adventures with some of them. But the most common case has been for many of you the ladyboy porn on internet. This is the most typical case when someone for the first time meets a ladyboy, or he just discovered this world. That’s what usually makes men, and even women, generalise ladyboys as they are all sex workers and into prostitution. Of course, I can’t deny there is a big slice of them who is into such life, but at the same way there are many who are not. We will get there soon…

Wrong stereotype about Asian ladyboys

Prostitution is common for genetic women as well… But when it comes to ladyboys  ( the Asian transsexuals ), people have the tendency to generalise they are all sex workers and bitches… The assumption that all ladyboys are prostitutes is a false statement. If you consider that transsexuals count for 1% world populations, is not that you can see or meet them everywhere, not as visible as the genetic female population. And when you belong to a minority, the odds and discriminations are always behind the corner. Is difficult for trans community to give voice for their rights, and the most notable issue is finding a decent regular job. That’s why they are always a target for the sex industry (more of that below), and when you have few opportunities, it’s easy to get tempted.

Then, the few times you have chances to know something about the community is likely you only hear negative things. Considering the current stigmas and discriminations that concern LGBT community, you shall start to figure out your own…

Though, what is most damaging the image of the transgender community and spreading all bad stereotype, as mentioned earlier, is the porn on Internet. See it yourself, google some keyword like ” ladyboys, trans, t-girls “. What you will see at top results show porn links and naked pics. And this is for sure what is most influencing people’s mind. The truth is that the reality is different compared to what you have seen on the internet and red light districts. But the things are slowly changing in the new millennium 😉

If the internet has damaged the transgender community, can be also used to fix it! Let’s now take some matters in consideration about ladyboy community in Asia.

The hardship of being ladyboy, transsexual, transgender

These wrong stereotypes, of course, are not helping at all ladyboys to be seen different. Even though Asian populations are more LGBT-friendly compared to western societies, not all families are open minded enough to accept a transgender child. When you happened  to be a trans girl in a conservative family, chances are you’ll be rejected by your parents. That’s when the life for a ladyboy gets complicated.

Being a ladyboy is expensive. Aside make-up and clothes, ladyboys have additional expenses compared to genetic women. Female hormones and surgeries are extra expenses that a ladyboy needs fulfill, and when you are living in the province of a third world Asian country, you don’t have so many alternatives left to make a living.

To sum it up, if we consider the lack of equal rights, the fact they are not yet enough recognized in the current society, and possible family issues… Ladyboys as well many LGBTQ people do not have a fair opportunity to find a regular job as you have. This is not a news, but bear this in mind always.

And to add more to the odds, the media are boosting this problem, spreading bad press about sex tourism, black chronicles and all the bad. Why? Simply because this is what makes “NEWS” and attract the interest. For some reasons people pay more attentions on bad news on TV, and have the tendency to believe all they see on the big screen. But we should always have a second point of view, and not taking all for granted.

Sometimes I’m shocked when I hear on TV such misinformed news told by journalists who are completely ignorant about LGBT world. But this is another story.

But why people believe that all ladyboys are sex workers?

Simply because ladyboys sex workers / prostitutes are just the most visible side of them. Let’s see the most frequent cases of the wrong stereotypes about Asian ladyboys.

For sure if you go for the first time in Thailand, in Bangkok or even more in Pattaya, what you will see on ladyboys community is all about sex work. Since traveling around the world became easier and cheap in past years,  sex tourism has never been more rampant as today. And guess what? The most famous tourism locations are filled with red light districts as well. I can’t blame anyone if they get this idea. But today I want to show the other side of the medal, which most people ignore.

Proud ladyboys, the other face of the medal

Many ladyboys are living a decent dignified life, out of red light districts, involved in different activities. You never have seen them? Just get out from Walking street or Nana Plaza (some of the most famous red light districts ) and you will still find ladyboys everywhere. But of course, they are less visible compared to their sisters ladyboy prostitute. They don’t need to advertise their sexiness to get more customers and try to hook you up. They are just living a simple life as you do; that’s why you don’t notice them. Besides most ladyboys in Thailand are very passable as women, then you probably crossed many around, you just don’t know it. Right because they perfectly look and behave like every ordinary woman.

Somebody who just look regular doesn’t attract so much attention right? There you go! See how tricky it is? You probably meet people around that you could never tell they are not what they seem. Ladyboys who live a decent life are just the less visible, as simple as that.

I’m aware of all of this, and that’s why I’m doing this blog. So many are confused by what they see on porn websites, escort services, and approximating TV news. Then people think of Asian ladyboys like sex objects and only for short time.

If you think I’m just trying to convince you of something, I dare you to prove me different… Jokes aside, on my blog, Ladyboy Travel date, I wish to show you what usually you can’t see and find around. Especially showing you how many ladyboys are good people, with good life, a decent job, and also dreaming true and sincere love as every human being. Just like you…

Asian Ladyboys dreaming love with heart and soul

For this occasion, I want to show you how different can be the reality. More than most compared to the west side of the globe. Tell me, have you ever seen a video like this made by your west country?  I bet you don’t!

Beyond a common reality for many Asian ladyboys, this video is also showing that even transgender community is getting recognised in Asia. Much more than many other west countries. Just take a look at how many prestigious transgender beauty pageants are present in Asian countries.

Even how many high-quality transgender dating services to help out trans-oriented men and transsexuals to meet. Because ladyboys can’t change the things all alone. They also need the help of proud and intelligent men to get their rights. Like me and you.

Time are changing, the world is in constant evolution. But many are still living in the past century, but not for sure transgender people. Like never before, they want to stand out and be respected in the society as much as every other human. Take a look at this video article about the transsexual Geena Rocero. A famous ladyboy supermodel who achieve her success, and now spreading awareness, education, information.

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man. I stand for transgender rights. Besides, I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. This blog is dedicated to who love to date ladyboys and travels in Asia. Im the author of this website, and others related to transsexual dating. You can find more about me on My Transsexual Girlfriend . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.


    • Hi jazzy

      More than that is necessary uplifting the community. For too long has been objectified and used by media to make pure business out of it, damaging the transgender’s community image-

  1. Great post! And so true that most people mistake all ladyboys as hookers. In reality there are plenty of good girls who work in a variety of fields and come from all walks of life.

  2. this is a very good post, yes there are A LOT of in your face ladyboy prostitutes and that really makes people think that they all are

    all you need to do is hop on the dating sites and you will find that there are so many more out there that don’t want money, they just want someone to treat them with respect

    particularly somewhere like the philippines you can find ladyboys out and about during day to day life that have no interest in sex for money

    its just ignorant people that dont know what they are talking about who think they are all pros

  3. Billy Hi i met a woman “ladyboy” if you will, and i think that they are very underated. I for one can honestly say i have never met a more loving and deserving person in my life as HER. i support LGBT Thank you!

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