Most beautiful women hidden secret ? Ladyboys & transgender

Most beautiful women hidden secret – Ladyboys ?

What could be the secret of some beautiful women?

Men seem seem women laydoys

Marcela Ohio Miss International Queen 2013

What if I tell you that nowadays, some of most beauties that you see in the fashion parade, serving your coffee at the bar, walking in the streets fresh and graceful, could be not what they seem? Even some of most famous considered among the most beautiful in the world.
Sometimes appearance, in reality, could hide a secret Right on their most intimate part! Have you ever heard about transgender women MTF? Ladyboys ? T-girls ? I supposed you do!

Most beautiful women hidden secret – Ladyboys ?

Would be more correct speaking about transsexual women male to female. A person born biological man that shows noticeable feminine features and manners. The beauty girl in the pic beside here is transex. Difficult to believe right? And yes, she is transsexual, born as genetic male and became a woman. This is what technically define a transsexual MTF ( male to female ) in short. This also defines their sexual orientation, according to their gender identity.

Miracles of modern science and human nature – Gender identity

Amazing are the changes that you can apply nowadays at human body. Trough medic applications as: injecting or swallowing female hormones, cosmetic products, prosthesis implants and modern surgery techniques. How is possible to remodel the human anatomy in the era we are living is just impressive. Today for transgender people, person who are said suffering the so-called “gender dysphoria,” is possible to repair the mistake of nature (?) they withstand since their birth. Which means, align the male look to their female gender identity. The typical process best known as: transition male to female .

What makes ladyboys so feminine, beauty and sexy?

Nonetheless, female hormones estrogen base, for example, can produce not only aesthetic changes but even emotional. That’s why ladyboys happen to be even more feminine than biological women. The drawback, sometimes, transgender women seem to have femininity excess. These are inducted and always boosted by female hormones. However is a common thing for women, both genetic and transsexuals, generally speaking.

What often makes ladyboy girls particularly attractive and beauty, are some male features as : High stature (height), athletic physic, absence of cellulite ( common issue of excess fat on women ). Features that often it’s a very problem for genetic girls aspiring the career in fashion world and show. Look at some celebrity case as the famous model Jenna Talackova, Canadian transsexual post-op. While in Asia, in the following image gallery, the Filipina transgender model Geena Rocero, ladyboy post-op.

  • Geena Rocero Asian ladyboy mtf
    Geena Rocero
  • beautiful transsexual mtf asia
    Geena Rocero
  • Transgender Geena Rocero Ted 2014
    Geena Rocero
  • Beautiful ladyboy shemale transex
    Geena Rocero
  • Most beautiful ladyboy of world
    Geena Rocero
  • Sexy beautiful Asian ladyboys
    Geena Rocero

Why a boy want to become a woman in all the ways? What are the transsexuals ?

I mentioned above, the Gender Identity. Let’s now understand a bit more what this means

Happens to some young boys during the childhood to discover them self as woman, or better to say, self-identify as a woman. This is the typical case that lead a transgender to become ladyboy. Basically, this means their gender identity doesn’t match with the biological sex, and gender assigned at birth ( in ID documents ). This is what generate the typical drama that transgender individuals has to face for good part of their life / existence. In other words, the drama to correct an error (?) made by nature. I bet you heard sometimes the definition ” Women trapped in a wrong body ” right?

To relieve at this mistake, often transgender people, normally in their teenage or once reached the major age ( but not always, even before teenage), wants to fix this mismatch between their gender identity and body / physical appearance.

This need will be translated for many transgender women into transsexualism. Becoming in this way transsexuals, also known, with more popular terms as ladyboys in Thailand, or vulgar as shemale in America, trannie in Brasil and South America, and so on.

Yes, depending on where they come from, they are called with different names in international lingo.

The secret of a supermodel – Geena Rocero – at 30 reveals at TED 2014 for the very first time her true identity, am transgender, am a ladyboy

The title of the show for that evening was ” Why I must come out ? “. Unbelievable was the revelation at TED 2014 when the 30 age Filipina supermodel, Geena Rocero, tells to the public of whole world her secret. She did coming out as transgender! She was born boy. Among the many reasons… cit. ” the success of my life, the career, has blocked me to find the courage for revealing publicly”. Geena is born boy, she is a trans male to female, as best known in Asian lingo as ladyboy.

I wish YOU ALL lend an ear and little of your time to Geena Rocero’s speech. Because she deserves!

Geena Rocero | Partial synthesis TED’s monolog – Why I must come out?

President Obama and Geena Rocero

President Obama and Geena Rocero at international LGBT committee in New York

At 15 I’ve been persuaded to join a beauty pageant from an acquaintance of mine. Since then, my life changed. At 19 I had my sex change operation in Thailand because this country is known to have the most prestigious clinics. Finally at San Francisco, America, I’ve had my license to live. My name Geena and F on my ID documents. Since then my career as professional model has begun.

Today Geena is testimonial as well trans advocate for Gender Proud organization. Her commitment to advocacy and awareness for transgender rights. Geena has been also received by President Obama during the Democratic National Committee LGBT Gale on 17 June in New York.

Becoming a transsexual – ladyboy – Feminisation process

Let’s now get into the depth of the topic. All the practices adopted to correct primary male characters in a ladyboy are also called feminization processes. Most part of evident results can be obtained around months combined with hormones estrogen based and testosterone inhibitors. These effects began to apply a muscular tone reduction, fat redistribution on hips and breast. Furthermore, body hair weakening and growth reduction, smoother skin, testicular reduction, erectile inhibition and ejaculation ( can’t cum ). Depending on the case, can be not necessary any invasive surgery to obtain results extremely satisfying. More than most  if the physical appearance of the subject has partial or apparent androgyny features.

In the case of androgyny lacking, often takes place surgery. Can be used different products like collagen injection in the face for the chin, cheeks and eyes to make smoother lineaments face look. Very common practice, breast augmentation ( boob job ), because hormonal boobs aren’t often satisfying and small size. Another common one, hips enhancement.

Exist other types of operations, practices, and effects that, obviously I’ve avoided mentioning, being not the main topic. Though, necessary to compile for a better understanding the meaning of being transgender, that is symbolized with the butterfly evolution. That’s the ladyboy’s life, the evolution and changing into a beautiful butterfly.

Final stage of transsexual feminization  – Vaginoplasty

Current day 2015, in Europe and many other countries in the world, to obtain the sex reassignment on identity documents; It requires in the major part of cases undergoing the sex reassignment surgery ( SRS ), sex change. Exist two kind different type of surgery, both reckon on amputation or reconstruction of male genitals with:

  1. Orchiectomy (or Bilateral Orchiectomy ). It consist to remove testicles. However, is possible to maintain erectile functions of male member, but losing ejaculation  orgasm / climax. It’s still necessary to take hormones even after the surgery. Usually for 1 year, due to the lack of testosterone.
  2. Vagino Plasty . Practice that imply to create a neovagina from male genitalia tissue, keeping urinary functions. Basically, it is penis reconstruction and part of the external tissue, that will look like a natural vagina. It’s a heavy surgery, and it takes long preparation physical / psychiatric, as well long rest post-operative. Famous are in these years the sex change clinics in Thailand, being the most prestigious and advanced.

Note. In some countries, in recent times is allowed to have sex reassigned on identification documents ( ID ) without undergoing any surgery.

Most beautiful ladyboy of the world have done sex change? Do they have still penis or neo vagina?

It’s conviction of many that most beautiful and sexy transex or Asian ladyboys are those who underwent full sex change. Means were removed their male genitalia. Answering objectively this question need some explanations. First and foremost beauty is relative, objectively, maintaining or less native genitalia won’t change your look. Nor Your physical appearance IF, hormonal treatment ( HRT ) have been respected following the medical prescription from an endocrinologist. If have not been interrupted for an extended period, for economic matters or health, the results are the same. The neovagina does not produce any benefit or aesthetic change ( won’t make you look more beauty ). Then, is possible to obtain the same results keeping hormonal cures.

With all that said, for the most part of transsexuals people is not possible to maintain hormonal reassignment treatment for whole life. Can be there complication with extended use of hormones. In general after years of being on HRT, suspending the hormonal cures for periods more or less long, do not affect the previous results obtained; once the teenage developing phase and medium adult, till 30-35 years in genre.


First and foremost, ladyboys are human being just like You. And also ladyboys looking for true love and want to be loved. Besides, transgender women / ladyboys today, aren’t anymore a niche, neither a phenomenon of submissive people who intend to stay hidden and discriminated as in the past century. Despite there are yet many countries with inhuman laws, although the fear of discrimination and bullish, transgender people are standing out in these years. They want their voices to be heard. Unfortunately, sometimes the screams aren’t listened… and ending in family tragedy, like the case of the young transgender Leelah Alcorn; who committed suicide the firs days of this January  2015. Another victim of ignorance.

LGBT community and transgender people more than ever determinate to give an epochal change, but they need help. Especially the support of those courageous men who look online and wants to date ladyboys. Men who are strong like t-girl, and to don’t mind the stares of ignorance. If knowledge and intelligence since ever are the most powerful tool (or weapon…) of humanity, is also true that ignorance is the worst damage.

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man. I stand for transgender rights. Besides, I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. This blog is dedicated to who love to date ladyboys and travels in Asia. Im the author of this website, and others related to transsexual dating. You can find more about me on My Transsexual Girlfriend . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.


  1. There’s some misinformation here. An orchidectomy will require that the subject remain on HRT for life. This is to avoid osteoporosis. In some GRS surgeries, a testicle is left inside the abdominal cavity on order to obviate this, but that is a really bad idea. The testicle retained inside has an elevated risk of developing testicular cancer. There’s reason they are normally contained in a bag outside the body — cooling.

    Since around 90% of ejaculate is produced in the prostate, not the testes, there will still be ejaculate.

    • Thanks for the precision Rod. Usually, but no all the cases, some trans women are also taking anti-androgens combined with oestrogens during the HRT ( which the first, are not so recommended due to its side effects ). The anti-androgens ( (androcur for example) can be suspended as far as I know.

      However, very much appreciated your contribute 🙂

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