Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date

Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date

Are you planning or already booked your flight to meet your Pinay ladyboy date? I bet, at some point, you have been wondering how you could have a good time during your stay. As the title suggests, I feel like sharing with you some insights on where to Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date. A preview with a few recommendations about some of the tropical wonders and places of interest of what is also nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient”.

About myself, years ago I began to travel around south-east Asia while sharing my trips with transgender women, better known in Asia as Ladyboys.

Eventually, I moved for good to the Philippines.

And of course, I’m now sharing the so-called “journey of life” with my Filipina ladyboy girlfriend. In the past years, whether as a couple or with a fellowship, we have travelled to white sand paradise beaches, dined at floating resto on lakes and seas, hopped around unspoiled islands, and hiked over mountains and even volcanoes.

We have collected so many beautiful memories. But I often think that images and stories can’t make justice enough to these marvels, you really have to see it yourself!

Here below, I made a compilation based on my experience as well as feedback I gathered from friends touring the Philippines with their ladyboy date.

With that being said…

Be aware that this is not a review! Just an overview to help you better decide where and how you may like spending your time in the Philippines.

Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date

Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy DateDeciding where to Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date can take time. Of course, your Filipina ladyboy mate can be a great advisor and guide to help you out. Yet, consider that the Archipelago Filipino counts about 7000 islands. And that’s what makes this country so unique.

The climate is practically an all-year-long summer, always hot. The heat breaks a bit for about four months during the rainy season between June to September. The temperature begins to drop close to a hot spring season, around October up until February when it begins to rise again, known as the tropical summer season. Even though the rainy season sounds a bit like a scarecrow to tourists, it is not as bad as it sounds; rainy hours don’t last long. But if I had to suggest the best period to visit the Philippines for a moderated climate, from October to February is recommended.

And speaking of recommendations, I’ve always found island hopping tours the best way to make the most of my travels around the Philippines. Many islands are still uninhabited and unspoiled; even the most remote countryside locations or islands can hide some little tropical paradise to see.

Whether private or shared, you can find booking places in both the big cities of Manila and small villages organised by locals. In the following paragraphs, you will find some more details about Island hopping and other alternatives you may like.

Before proceeding further, in case you have some concerns as the following…

Are there also comfortable tourist destinations in the Philippines?

Don’t get me too literally when I repeat “Unspoiled, Uncontaminated or Uninhabited“, is not that it is all jungle and wildlife everywhere in PH. There are, of course, also well-urbanised tourist destinations where you can find the necessary comforts and facilities. If you instead plan to stay inland, with all the city comforts, follow this link for some ideas Meet Ladyboys in the Philippines.

And the Internet?

Even though the Philippines doesn’t have the fastest internet, also if you pick some less popular destinations, you will still find the Internet even in small villages. Surprisingly, sometimes even better speed than the most populated cities. However, the mobile coverage still lacks a bit but it has consistently improved in recent years. I found myself really amazed once for having a good signal on my phone during the last island tour in Palawan in 2019 (on the boat in the open sea).

Travel gears I’d recommend

Recommended travel gears for island hopping philippinesWhat I may advise for your travel gear that may slip from your checklist, a wifi pocket can be very handy to share data on multiple devices. And most importantly, buy immediately a local sim card (sold even in some groceries and street vendors). On this note, Internet Cafe’ are very popular in the Philippines and can be found everywhere, just ask around.

And last, a power bank if you use your electronic devices a lot (laptop, phone, camera etc).

And finally, let’s get to see where to Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date

Palawan – Wonders of Tropical Nature

The charm of the tall limestone walls shaping the islands, rock formations and pristine sea waters surrounding Palawan is a breathtaking, lifetime experience. I left my heart here… And sure, it goes on top of my travel recommendations! I can’t wait to come back to see more of its marvels!

If you like a dive in the uncontaminated tropical nature, look no further, Palawan is a true paradise on earth. Images won’t make justice enough to capture its beauty.

Palawan White Sandbar
From Manila, you can already find plenty of “all inclusive” (sort of) packages for organised tours that you can book beforehand online, for all kinds of budgets. In about one hour flight, you land at Puerto Princesa airport, and from there you head to El Nido or Busuanga airport (Francisco B. Reyes) if you choose Coron. Independently of which you pick,  I believe the Island Hopping Tours are the best ways to make the most of your stay in Palawan for my experience.

El Nido – Palawan

Each tour is guided by Filipinos on Boats and Van for both El Nido and Coron, with at least one guide who speaks foreign languages (mostly English). Once you reach the destination, there is various choice of island hopping tours, which can take a day to noon to visit all the locations.

Some tours include a stopover for lunch in the villages, and some island tours even get your lunch cooked on the boat during your trip. I remember the first time, while on the boat, these two guys cooking all morning at the back of the ship, I thought they were cooking for themselves… I was wrong! To my surprise, they had prepared a banquet of delicious dishes while we were busy exploring and taking pics of the next island!

Yes, in Palawan there are plenty of inhabited islands, some can be heritage sites or private places, or completely lack human presence and are uncontaminated.

El Nido - Palawan

Coron – Palawan

From hidden beaches to underground rivers, to a ride on a boat in the Mangrove forests, a swim in the lagoons, to the gorgeous, pristine sea waters of Coron where you may also relax on floating cottages to make your stay feel one with nature. All of it is surrounded by the local wildlife, as cute monkeys and funny tropical fishes. Sports activities as Kajak rides, or hop on the zip lines for a swim in the air, or explore the sea waters snorkelling and more. Basically, you can find all the same options for both El Nido and Coron for the most part, but I’d say each one has something unique to offer in its own way.

For my experience, I’d say that Coron is more about Snorkeling and Scuba diving and water sports in general. While El Nido has more options for exploring and relaxing at the Beach as far as organised tours are concerned.

Coron Floating Cottages - Palawan

Palawan has also been an important, commercial and later military harbour in the Philippines during the world wars. Historical sites and facilities have left the mark in the inland where you can find museums and themed tours.

I and my ladyboy girlfriend can’t wait to get back to Palawan for more!

The Whale Sharks in Bicol

The entire region of South Luzon is a paradise for those travellers that desire to escape from the major tourist destinations. The ideal place for those who want an excursion/day trip far away from the chaotic cities, often overcrowded. The characteristics of the landscape, modelled by Vulcan peaks, make it a unique sight.

Whale Sharks in Bicol

And you will have chances to make sea tours around the fisherman’s village of Donsol and see the whale sharks living in the area.

Wildlife and Nature in Bohol

Bohol is a fantastic destination for those who love to dive into nature and wildlife.  Along the beaches stands a wonderful coral reef, where you can expect to have dolphins joining your swimming, and even whales can be seen. A recommended inland place of interest is the Sikatuna national park where are guested various species of birds.

The most unique aspect of Bohol, are its famous Chocolate Hills, which turn brownish during the drying season giving the landscape a unique sight.

As follow up of the Hills,  if you choose to spend a romantic stay in Bohol with your ladyboy date, do not miss the chance for a fine dine at Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant! Where you will begin a cruise around the river while enjoying good food a live music. Warmly recommended! 

Chocolate Hills view in Bohol - Philippines

Have a taste of the Peanut Kisses and all kinds of delicacies of peanuts based, it is a local speciality in Bohol.

There is also a unique species of small and cute mammals called Tarsier to see, which reminds a bit of the Koala in Australia for the similar behaviour of hanging over the trees.

Tarsier Conservation Loboc Bohol

Alona Beach in Panglao – Bohol

Another little Paradise where I left my heart, an unforgettable experience between turquoise waters, dolphins, and white sand beaches!

You have the option to opt for some time in nature and the wild in Bohol but, it would be a sin not to spend some time Panglao at Alona Beach. Both Filipino and foreign tourists also refer to this place as a Mini Boracay. And I agree! On a personal note, I and my ladyboy girlfriend found Alona Beach somehow more enjoyable than Boracay. Perhaps for being less crowded and the place less contaminated by human activity. Yet you will find nice hotels and resorts for all budgets.

It is pretty easy to get there. The most convenient, from Tagbilaran city, head to the pier, a boat and get you there in minutes.

Alona Beach in Bohol - Panglao


The White Sand Beaches of Boracay

If you heard of the white beaches in the Philippines, most likely it was about Boracay. The iconic rock formation known as Willy’s Rock, along the beach, is the most recognizable place.

Willy's Rock Boracay

Located in the Visayas region near Cebu, a small tropical paradise shine for its white-sand beaches and nightlife lights. While urbanisation has taken much, the tropical charm is still all there.

All around the so-called “stations”  (see map below at Puka Beach paragraph) areas, there are plenty of hotels, from humble and affordable to luxurious ones. As much as the variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs overlooking the beach.Front Beach resto and resorts in Boracay

And of course, there is no lack of beach-sport activities you can pick, like snorkelling, jet-skiing, windsurfing and such things.

Based on my experience, I believe Boracay is best suited for fellowships and backpackers, thanks to its nightlife activity. On this note, fellowships of local Trans Pinay (ladyboys) love to spend weekends in Bora, of course 🙂

But, guess what? The island is even better known for being also a place for a Romantic Stay. For the record, just recently a couple I knew went to Boracay and the boyfriend asked for the hand (to marry) of his fiancee.

Ah! That’s just my ladyboy girlfriend and me in the pics below 🙂

Even though the whole island has been under infrastructure maintenance (since 2017, and still ongoing), and the works in progress may be unpleasant, it is still a place that singles and couples choose to go.

Puka Beach – BoracayPuka Beach Boracay and Ladyboy Girlfriend

Boracay map, Stations and Beaches

Pinpoint map Stations, Beaches and Activities – Click to expand

And if you like some privacy at the beach, far from the crowd of Boracay Stations, take a tricycle or a boat (ask the locals), and in about 15 minutes you get to Puka Beach.

Located on the north side of the island (see map), the place is right past a humble village, with really a few people if none around most of the time.

Ideal for a picnic under the shade of the palm trees, while some local friendly dogs may join you to get a taste of your meal. And that’s really about it! There are no bars, kiosks or any kind of facilities, pretty uncontaminated tropical beachside.

Aside from the 3 stations and Puka, I haven’t had the chance to see the whole island and other beaches.

I’ll update the post with the rest next time I go to Bora 🙂

As I mentioned Cebu, let’s get to it!

Cebu and the City

Temple of Leach Cebu City

Located at the centre of the Visayas region, the convenient nearby Mactan Airport makes Cebu a hot hub to reach famous tourist destinations all around the Philippines. Most notably Palawan, Bohol and Boracay. The Island of Cebu was once colonised by Magellan and his crew of Conquistadores, which have left countless traces of their presence in the city architecture, leaving a mark in the local culture. Take, for example, Saint Pedro Fort, the first build in the Philippines during the colonial age. Right nearby stands the Saint Niño Basil, where legend says that the homonymous statue in the church came from Magellan (I never figured what they mean, leave a comment if you know it 🙂 ).

Ladyboy hub in Cebu

In Cebu City, you also find a considerable presence of the transgender population and nightlife. You can meet local ladyboys that usually gather in places such as Mango Square near Osmeña Fuentes as well in Ayala’s Mall Area. And even at the Sugbo Mercado in the IT Park, is popular gathering place where ladyboys and locals loves to meet with friends. I particularly love the “Sugbo”, not only for the live music, but also for the wide variety of delicious Asian dishes freshly coocked there. The latter, is one of my favourite places to hang out at evening, recommended!

Sugbo Mercado and Piramyd restaurant IT Park

To cover fairly Cebu, it would take a dedicated post, but I recommend a few destinations not to miss during your stay with your ladyboy date. The Chinese Temple of Leah standing in the Cebu Hills, and I recommend also taking a stop on the nearby mountains in a restaurant overlooking the city for a romantic dinner. And speaking of romantic, visit The Thousand Roses place, with a final dinner at the Floating Restaurant in Cordoba.

And last, absolutely do not miss the Sinulog Festival in Cebu held every year in January.

Malapascua Island – Cebu

Shines the sand and beautiful beaches of a small island located north of Cebu, Malapascua. And investments are constantly ongoing for the upstanding new resorts. A still quiet place nonetheless for a relaxed stay, where those who love diving can also see the thresher sharks (Alopias) which makes for one of the local tourist attractions. Heading at the north side of Malapascua lies the Logon village and its lighthouse, which can be reached only by foot, like cars and rickshaws are not allowed as rule on this island.

Military Relics in Corregidor Island

Military Relics in Corregidor IslandA popular trip, one day away from Manila, to a small island at the outskirt of the city bay.

Corregidor was the last fortress to withstand Japanese attacks during World War Two, and still, nowadays are lying there relics and remains. Along the refuge excavated under the ground, can be seen the remains of the military arsenal and infirmary, which in part have been moved to the War Museum. The atmosphere created by the remains of buildings and weaponry is pretty suggestive. Pretty much like many tours, also this can be booked by local agencies and private people in Manila.

Puerto Galera

Don’t get deceived by the name of the place, which, literally translated means “Prison Harbor”.

Beach side view Puerto Galera

Technically, Puerto Galera is the access door at the seaside destinations in Nord Mindoro. The Coral Reef surrounding the area has been declared a heritage site by UNESCO and guest some of the best scuba divining locations of the Philippines.Coral Reef Puerto Galera

Namely, Aninuam and the white beaches are the most picturesque, and Sabang for the divers and nightlife lovers. A renowned place is the “Floating Bar” in Sabang where it gets lively around the sunset hours.Floating Bar in Sabang


Hot Springs Waters – Puerto Galera

The Archipelago Filipino has plenty of geothermal sites. If you are heading for the beaches in Puerto Galera, after a day spent at the water sports and sunbathing, it would be ideal to have a relaxing bath at the local hot springs  (thermal waters), known for being among the best in the whole country.

Swim among the Starfishes

The numerous little island in Honda Bay is also an ideal place for snorkelling. But the place is also known as Starfish Island, where a large colony of starfishes can be also seen emerging from the sand during low tides.

In Tagaytay Mountains Overlooking Volcanic Landscape

Up to the mountains, between the provinces of Cavite and Batangas, lies the renowned city of Tagaytay. Not so long ago, there was a constant flux of tourists heading from Tagaytay to Talisay down in the valley to the Taal Lake. In about 15 minutes of a ride with a boat, you could reach the island at the centre of the lake where stand Taal Volcano, and hop on a horse for a guided ride or free hiking, up to the crater. Due to the damages caused by the eruption of Jan 2020, Taal Island has turned unavailable to tourism.

Yet, Tagaytay remains a place that people still choose to go for a chilling stay. The charm of the place is all still there, take a stop at the Starbucks, and have a drink at the balcony overlooking the valley and Taal Lake, a beautiful sight.

Is that all? Not really!

Tagaytay Picnic Grove

In the morning to late noon, head to the Tagaytay Picnic Grove (image below) to enjoy horse rides, zip lines, or have a taste at the Expo/Mercado for the local delicacies and more. Many chose Tagaytay for a weekend trip also thanks to the local fiestas (festivals) held all year long.

Other Tours in the Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date

Subic Bay, in Olongapo, is renowned for its hybrid military-touristic harbour and surrounding beaches.

Subic Bay and Ladyboys

Occasionally, you may see warships anchored, and nearby there are plenty of war heritage sites and monuments well preserved. All in all, Subic is a place that I’d recommend for those who wish for a relaxed stay in privacy. As matter of fact, the tourism in Subic is kind of stagnant from what I’ve seen on my last travel there.

At times, it was just me and my ladyboy girlfriend and a few fishermen walking over the beach during the year’s end days.

The local community came actually pretty alive at night, filling the roads with tables for open dining, and ready a pretty nice stage on the beach for live music performed by local bands. I’d say the year-end celebration night was the most of it during our stay and, has been pretty nice!

Nightlife in Subic - Olongapo

Yet there are plenty of modern facilities in Subic, restaurants of all kinds, Disco Bars, Pubs and Casinos operating. Perhaps it is thanks to the foreign community of retired ex-pats in Barrio Barretto village making up for the low tourism there. The local nightlife in this area is surprisingly pretty lively, especially for Night Clubs and GoGo Bars. And local ladyboys in Subic gather frequently at nightlife places.

Take a private flight

The archipelago Filipino counts for over 7000 islands, and some are reachable by helicopter or aeroplane. You could rent one, there are plenty of companies in the philippine for air transport rental and tours for pleasure. A famous place that well fits a overfly is Banaue Rice Terraces in the province of Ifugao, which reminds a bit of the Maya lands in the Amazon.

Hiking on a Volcano in The Philippines

As I mentioned Taal Volcano, in Manila there are plenty of tours to practice free climbing and mountain hiking. Whether you’d like some extreme sport or wish to go for a few hours climbing, in manila you can find enough to be satisfied. The local AMP, Association of Philippines Mountainers all the necessary info you need.

And the volcanoes?

Still active as Taal and Mayong are the two most famous volcanoes in the Philippines followed by Pinatubo, Canlaon, Bulusan and others.

Manila – A Weekend At Batangas Beach

Batangas is one of the nearest beaches in Manila, which many choose for a weekend chilling at the sea. Plenty of affordable organised tours in Manila can be found. In about 2 hours ride, car or van, from supposedly Pasay, you can get to the place. From humble to cosy resorts, are used to guest fellowships from Manila to recharge the batteries after a week of work or celebrate a birthday. Ideal for picnics, the resorts provide tools and stoves to cook (there are no bars, you’ll have to head in some 7/11 for drinks or bring from home). I’ve been there just recently with a fellowship of ladyboys, femboys and crossdressers, and my GF. We had a cheerful stay without pretences enjoining each other companionship.

Sea activities can be booked at the resort’s admin, like waterjet skiing, boat rides. The frequent low tides open up new walking paths on the beach sides to explore the area.

New Beach in Manila Bay is opening soon

Dolomite Beach in Manila Bay

A still ongoing project started before the pandemic. The Filipino gov is bonifying and building new Dolomite Sand Beaches, branded as Manila Bay Beach in Malate. Once the project is complete it should cover about 1km of beach along the Manila Baywalk. While part of the new artificial beach looks already completed, it is not yet open to the public and tourism. If you happen to stay in Manila city keep an eye on the news or ask the locals (or come back here, I will update this post as soon as I news).

Visting local Tribes in Mindanao

Many tribal villages are located not far from Davao. To mention, such as Bagobo village in Binaton, as well as B’laan Village in Matanao. And the artisan’s village in Sinawilan. And if you head in the Mindanao region, it is worth taking a stop in Siargao for its beaches and island hopping tours as well.

With that being said, it is not my intention to discourage you to experience the lands of Mindanao, but there is an owed note to make.

Be aware of the Islamic Group of Outlaws known as Abu-Sayaff (or sort of name) that is based somewhere there, and hasn’t been disbanded yet by the Filipino Gov. There have been cases of kidnapping locals and even foreign tourists. If you decide to visit this region, don’t even worry too much, these episodes are rare. And this is the only place in PH where I’ve heard occurring such things.

Based on my experience, the rest of the country is as safe as much as your western cities. Just use some common wisdom, be respectful of the Filipino culture, and you shall not worry about your safety.


I wanted to keep brief this compilation of the best places to Travel The Philippines With Your Ladyboy Date. But as I kept adding ideas and suggestions, it got bigger and bigger. And some even deserve a dedicated post to better tell. Think that, this is just a small part of all the places that I and my GF have visited until today.

And you? Have you found yet the ladyboy girlfriend of your dreams? Take a look at my favourite ladyboy transgender dating site to make it easier!

Feedback and questions are always welcome. Share your story if you have travelled already the Philippines with your ladyboy girlfriend, in the comments below.

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