Your journey into the ladyboy world begin here today!

Welcome, my dear friend ladyboy lover! What’s heading to my blog? Just curious about the topic? Chances you are attracted to them, you had enough of fulfilling your fantasies on porn sites, and finally want encounter one in real. Let me be you private guide sharing my experience on the topic.

What kind of ladyboy lover are you?

The difference between the typical curious guy and me, is that dating a ladyboy to me, is just not for mere sexual pleasure, my current girlfriend is in fact, a ladyboy, and I do love her! But how?!

My name is Andrea, Italian man 38 years old, and I’m now living in Asia with my Filipina TS Girlfriend as every couple who love each other do, while other men are afraid to live a serious relationship with a ladyboy because they are afraid of what people might say.

Most still call them names coming from porn industry as shemale, tranny, dickgirls. In Asia, ladyboy is also associated with sex work (but it is more tolerated unlike in west side) and thinking that most transsexual living that way. That’s often the first mistake the average newbie do.

I’ve dated different types of girls and collected quite an experience on the topic, and I discovered that in reality, there are ladyboys out there with regular jobs with pride and dignity as most people do. And this is usually the type of ladyboys I like to date. I’m not a sex freak, never been in the dark private rooms of libertine clubs. I always dated them in the good old way.

So, what are you looking for? What kind of ladyboy lover are you? If you never had the first experience yet, and you don’t know well from where to start…

Your journey into the ladyboy world begins here today!

To help your journey searching the ladyboy of my dreams today! Let’s start by saying that there are many wrong preconceive and stereotypes about Ladyboys. Which also makes dating difficult. The purpose of this site is not just about my stories, but also explaining that many things you know about them could be quite different from the reality. One the most evident and familiar is something related to being gay or homosexual when you are attracted to them.

Know yourself and sexual orientation

If you think you are gay for example, well, let me tell you that you are just a victim of the common stereotypes. Did you ever hear the term: trans-oriented man? This is how you should consider yourself from now on, rather than gay. Sexual Orientation is a topic that will make you not only know better yourself but also finding the perfect t-girl for you.

But lets, skip this for now, In next articles of my blog I will explain you more in detail.

Ladyboy dating and travel for love in Asia

Dating ladyboys from Asia - Philippines

Asian Ladyboy from the Philippines

Dating ladyboys will take you sooner or later to go in Asia. That you are looking to have your first experience or finding true love, in both cases this where your journey will take you. I’ll be covering then also: How to get in Asia and Where to find and date ladyboys. Now, we should do some steps back to avoid you making fatal mistakes. I also did so many during my journey to find my life partner. My wishes are that I can help you to avoid the same errors I did when I was still a “newbie”. Is that so complicated? Not actually, if you follow my advice and guides, you shouldn’t end heartbroken or broke!

Then, before to get into details, let me explain to you what else you will find soon In this website:

  • Introducing into the world of Asian ladyboys ( handy enough in your research).
  • The LGBT lingo and transgender community
  • Revealing things about how to date a ladyboy that few people know.
  • Dating tips and guide for you relationship
  • How to maintain your love story last, while you are still in online dating
  • Best destinations for you travels in Asia
  • How to do coming out and live your love story
  • Satisfy your curiosity

And much more else…

Who am I to tell you all of this? And why should you follow my next talks? Well, I have had enough love stories with trans women in the past. With locals TS from Italy, and in the past years I decided to date ladyboys from Asia only. I’ve been travelling in Asia, seeing their culture. Then, I think I’ve collected enough dates during my travels the help you out. There is more about to say, being a ladyboy lover myself, and in a love relationship with an Asian ladyboy. My wishes go beyond love and travel guide site. Educate people to respect and understand different sexual orientation and gender identity.

Is it a choice being a ladyboy lover?

I didn’t choose, the fate did it for me, at least, this is how I see the things… There is a song that says ” born this way.” Ask yourself or at yourself this question: “when did you choose to be heterosexual?”, and ask what they think of being gay for example, if to them is a choice or just born that way.

I don’t believe in destiny and such things, but I do know that the way you born and grown will lead you to a precise path. And if you refuse to accept yourself you probably heading to live a sad life or worse a forced marriage into a disaster!
I understand how you may feel now, and we will be covering further details the next weeks. Following my new posts, you will understand better the meaning of my words about this matter.

Also telling you why I ended up loving more ladyboy from Asia than Westerners transsexual. YES, this is a choice!

So let’s take this journey together? Guiding you to discover how to love and where to meet them. Best places and resources to find the ladyboy of your dreams, what a ladyboy expect from a man, and how to make it last long and much more else.

Finding a Ladyboy girlfriend in Asia

Trans oriented man - ladyboy love

David and Annie. A famous couple of the documentary series “Ladyboy” on Sky. They are living as a couple by some years in Thailand.

I’m currently in a love relationship with an Asian ladyboy. I’ve travelled in Asia and, there I found the girl of my dreams, in the Philippines. I can say that I’m truly happy having a Trans Pinay Girlfriend. And I will tell you why you will love having an Asian ladyboy girlfriend as well. There are so many countries in the south-east Asia where you can find beautiful and kind hearted ladyboys. Of course, starting with the most famous Thailand, then Philippines, Korea, Viet Nam, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and others. These are the countries with the biggest population of ladyboys in the world.

Is it difficult to find love with a Ladyboy in Asia?

No, if you do know how to and what you are doing, and Yes if you know nothing! But don’t worry, I’ll help you to make it easy, I promise! Many men have sexual fantasies about ladyboy, more than what they wouldn’t admit. Even those who would deny it by all means, sometimes are those who secretly have affairs with ladyboy escorts and prostitutes, while being married to a genetic woman.

They are too much afraid of the stares, what people could say to them, and all social stigmas. Sadly the few who would have the balls to make the first step having a serious love story with a ladyboy, burn their chances because they do the most obvious mistakes (Sing up my newsletter and you will not miss next articles).

Win your fears and be proud of who you are and your ladyboy girlfriend

This is where I want to start to share with you something important. The first step of your journey into the ladyboy world.

I also was one of those men afraid of the others opinion in the past. Afraid of what people could tell about me if they knew about sexual preferences. But I LEARNED. I found the courage to put behind my shoulders the fears of what people could say or think of me.

How? If you found this blog and arrived to read till here, you are maybe who I once was. You could also be just interested having sex, and looking for your first sexual experiences, that’s understandable. If is that, you can find it easy everywhere. You just have to sing up on ladyboy dating site (those with few restrictions) or pay an escort prostitute, and sadly you’ll find many that will satisfy your sexual needs without compromises.

Ladyboy Lover

I mentioned earlier the term of ” Trans Oriented Man “. Most people think and say that who like T-girls ( vulgarly called shemale by porn industry ) is a Gay attraction. And that’s why so many men are afraid to of what people could call them if they know about your sexual preferences.

Indeed, the first reason why you would like to have an experience with a ladyboy is SEX. But, nothing more than that because of what we just stated. And that’s why many trans-oriented men out there who end to live a sad life, never truly happy with their genetic girls. Forced to live with somebody that you know will never make you completely satisfied, or worse, depressed.

A Ladyboy Lover is a man who is not just an admirer or that want merely fulfill a sexual fantasy. The ladyboy lover is also a man strong enough to face the stares of ignorance and homophobic people. A man that gets his special attraction to a serious stage. The man that understood that the key to true happiness is LOVE.

Are you that man? A Ladyboy Lover? Then I have good news, my dear friend! There is a special place the I warmly recommend you to visit, where you will find genuine love. Sing up and meet you love now!

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man. I stand for transgender rights. Besides, I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. This blog is dedicated to who love to date ladyboys and travels in Asia. Im the author of this website, and others related to transsexual dating. You can find more about me on My Transsexual Girlfriend . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.


  1. Interesting content. You should use social websites to increase traffic and make your site go viral.
    There are tools which automate this time consuming process.Visitors can flood your blog in no time,
    just search in google

    • Sounded a bit of spam you comment Denis, that’s why I avoided replying till today. However, I appreciated the advice, but I also do know the worth of social media.
      I’m currently facing problems with the latest changes of FB and G+ API. Suddenly some blog post I published over a year or more, with hundreds of sharings count went to ZERO!
      Can you imagine?

      I’m looking for a current solution while I’m here in the Philippines, but it may be just a problem related to the internet in this country.

  2. I am in love with a ladyboy from the Philippines. I have been to visit her in May of 2014 but we have been talking to each other sine September of 2013. I fell in love with her photo on the dating site and I fell more in love with her when I met her. I came home and tried to ignore my feelings for her but I could not. I gave her a ring before I left and I have now filed for a k1 finance visa since DOMA has been struck down here in the US. We are patiently waiting for their decision. Just wanting you to know that what you have said in your articles are very true and thank you!!!

    • Hello Mike,

      Thanks for your appreciations and sharing your love story! Most beautiful romance began this way between men and ladyboys. Today we have chance to meet people that in past years we couldn’t even imagine.

      I wish all the best for you future and love story! As well for the Visa apply.

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