Ladyboy bands and singers – Transgender music video

Ladyboy bands and singers - Transgender music video

Ladyboy music video gallery

A curious topic the Ladyboy bands and singers - Transgender music video, Isn't it? Here I've prepared a compilation of most interesting and beautiful ladyboy music video from Thailand, Korea, Philippines, and soon from other countries!

WHAT?!?! A Transgender Woman that was  born a boy can sing just like a GENETIC FEMALE?

Oh yes! Behold and amaze yourself 😉

Ladyboy bands and singers - Transgender music video

In this ladyboy music gallery, you will also find out how different the reality can be compared to what you are used to seeing in western society. You will rewrite your knowledge background about all you knew of transgender & ladyboys from Asia. YES, It's amazing at times to learn how different this little world can be. Especially if you are a man ( but anybody ) from the west side used to see and know only local trans women.

As a matter of fact, If you never been in Asia, particularly in Thailand or Philippines, and south-east Asian countries, chance are all you knew of the ladyboys scene is what you seen on ladyboy porn tube on the internet. And maybe all you heard here and there was just about sex tourism! Mentioned also in this ladyboy guide video gallery.

My intention, it to show in this gallery of Ladyboy bands and singers - Transgender music video, the other side of the medal that most haven't seen yet.

This is the unusual and cool side of Asia Culture and third sex

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Ladyboy bands and singers - Transgender music video

Most famous ladyboy musician, artist, singers, dancers. Thai Kathoey band, and beautiful women of third sex women. The music beyond gender, transgender who became famous in Asia and world for their talent and uniquity

Venus fly trap - Visa For love

The Venus Fly Trap is Kathoey ( or Katoi ) band composed by all gorgeous Thai ladyboys! As far as I'm concern, " the Venus Fly Trap ", is the only third sex music band in the history that had relevant success. This music complex appeared for the first time in 2006. You can recognise some famous Thai ladyboy beauty queens, as Yollada Nok  ( alias Sasha in the formation ). Later on, will join the band also Bell Nuntita, today famous as soloist singer ladyboy, and earlier radio Dj in Thailand. This is the only official video clip appeared on the media with the soundtrack: Visa for love

Thai Kathoey band - Venus Fly Trap live performance

Five ladyboy goddess performing a live show in this video of Venus fly trap in 2006. Since then the group member has taken different roads to success, like Sasha and Bell, they are till on the media and show biz. Sasha is today better known as Yollada Nok, famous Kathoey beauty queen, and now administrator of Nan province Laos, while Bell Nuntita is continuing her career in the music field, is today in 2016 the most famous ladyboy singer in Thailand and Asia.

NOTE: Both Bell and Noy are appeared on the documentary series "Ladyboy" on Sky TV. Click the button below to see the related article.

Bell Nuntita - Most famous Thai ladyboy singer

Bell Nuntita or Nuntita Khampiranon (Thai: นันทิตา ฆัมภิรานนท์Nanthita Khamphiranon ) is a Thai ladyboy. She is without doubts, today, the most famous transsexual singer of the world and our times. In this video, you can see her debut performance at " Thailand's Got Talents ", Thai version of the popular talent show in the west side X-Factor. Since then, Bell's career is all an ascend, all her future videos will get viral on youtube and social media. At the end of the audition, Bell releases an interview where she tell about the relationship with her family. Turn On ENG subtitles!

Song 1: Yark Roo Tae Mai Yark Tarm อยากรู้แต่ไม่อยากถาม  - Song 2: "Unlovable"Artist: Mild - Performer: Bell Nuntita นันทิตา on Thailand's Got Talent

Bell Nuntita - Paradise

Let's admit it, Bell has a magic charm! No wonder why her songs and videos became so popular not only in Thailand, but whole Asia. Along the years she has conquered more and more internet medias! In this video you can see her so-called " trade MARK ", where Bell play a song with both male and female voices. Besides, this is one of her most successful songs : PARADISE


Harisu, transsexual pop singer from Sud Korea

The stunning beauty Harisu, ladyboy pop singer from South Korea, is today happily retired from show biz scene and married. Lee Kyung-eun, formerly Kyung-yeop, in Art Harisu, was a very famous transgender singer and dancer in earlier 2002-2004.  For about a decade, her videos were quite rare to find, and not so high quality, mostly published from fans and amateurs on the internet like this one. However, are worth to see her stunning performance. She has class and charm to sell! I will add more video of her as soon as possible.

Update note 12 Sep 2015: In 2013, Harisu is back on the scene, and guess what? Now are showing up so many videos that before we couldn't see! See next, enjoy!

Harisu - Foxy lady

In 2013, the beautiful ladyboy post-op Harisu from Korea who had announced her retirement after her marriage is back on the stage! Harisu during her career has released 11 albums in about ten years, and now she is back performing new live concerts in Korea, China and Japan. In this video, you can see Ha Ri Su playing Foxy Lady with all her charm and cool dancing steps! Enjoy

Harisu - History

A very cool video (now LQ, the HQ was removed from youtube) that celebrate Harisu. In all her class and sense of taste when the music is the matter. Creating and performing professional music video clips! Ladyboys are too often stereotyped as a mere sex object! But our little big world can be very surprising if you move your sight over the sea ! See how different can be Asian society when it comes to transsexual women who aspire to success and professional career! Enjoy one more video of the wonderful Korean Ladyboy Harisu! History

Harisu is today also considered among the most beautiful Asian Transsexual! Click the button below to know more!

Nisamanee Nutt - Thai LGBT music media

Nisamanee is a famous Thai ladyboy beauty queen in her country. She has performed herself in this video that is telling the hardship of being transexual. Beyond the touching images, the video also represents the most common feelings and situations that ladyboys often experience when it comes to love matters. However, Thailand did a fantastic high-quality music video dedicated to Kathoey & Transgender local community. A must see! I recommend to turn on the English subtitles, is worth! Enjoy!

Ladyboy LookPad at Thailand's Got Talen

If you have been in Thailand around the ladyboys in Pattaya city, you may have seen some dancing / singing show of LookPad. Her shows are very popular and appreciated by the public where she usually performing at Alcazar or Tiffany's cabaret show in Pattaya. She also appeared on some seasons of the famous documentary series " Ladyboys " in Thailand on Sky TV.

Transgender or Drag queens ? Trio from Philippines

Like it or not... The Miss Tres, the three Drag Queen / Crossdresser band from the Philippines are attracting appreciations on the media for their funny performances. What makes people curious about this trio, (as u can see in the video) is the nature of their show and their gender identity, which is not very clear! Their look shows cosmetic surgery, which is common for ladyboys / transsexuals women, but their performance is quite drag queen style! Maybe they got inspiration from Bell Nuntita's performances? However, their performance at Asia's Got Talent is very funny! Worth to watch it! Have Fun! 🙂


About Kim Petras, is more correct to speak about transex girl, rather than ladyboy. She is the world youngest transsexauls singer male to female. Her transition story have been debated a lot on the media and medical conferences. Kim Petras is a tgirl from Germany, and in this video she performing her first music track as author.

Kim Petras – GIRL ON FIRE

The very young German transgender Kim Petras in this home made amateur video plays the cover of Alicia Keys, Girl On Fire. Kim is very jolly and easy going person, and as good talented artist she loves to sing the inspiring song of her favourites pop star. Besides, this something and its text, shares thoughts that often trans girls face during their life. To get what I mean, just listen well the song 😉


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