Differences between Thailand Ladyboys and Philippines

Thailand Ladyboys Vs Philippines – Differences Worth to Know

Are not these Asian girls on the pic above incredibly beautiful? But why incredibly? Because they are transgenders, ladyboys. I always dreamed how would be having a ladyboy girlfriend. One day I decided to travel to Asia and find out. And guess what? I’m now living in Manila with a stunning beauty Filipina ladyboy.

But why did I end up with a ladyboy from the Philippines?Continue reading

Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys

Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys in Thailand

Asian transsexuals are known to be among the most passable and beautiful transgender on the planet. Very often even more than genetic Thai girls. However, no doubts ladyboys from Thailand, also called Kathoey by locals, are the most famous transsexuals in Asia. Are you wondering then Where to find beautiful Thai ladyboys in Thailand? I  can address you the right way.Continue reading