Dating Ladyboys never lose hopes finding love

Dating Ladyboys never lose hopes finding love

Are you sad and alone? The challenges you face for finding your perfect soul mate are many. For some people like transgender and ladyboys even more. The story is, whoever you are, you should never lose the hopes. Even if you are a man who likes Dating Ladyboys never lose hopes finding love or a trans woman yourself.

Did you try hard already but without success?

Love takes sacrifices and sometimes hurt so bad

Maybe you did your best to find and meet your twin soul, but yet it wasn’t enough. Till the point that you give up. Chances you are now sad, and worst case ending without direction in life! It happens, I’ve been there too. Sometimes love research, dating, can be so disappointing, hurting, because you met the wrong person, or worse when you lost tragically someone you loved so bad!

It is something that only happens to those who were looking for love for real! Because you were investing your precious feelings and hopes for a happy future shared with that someone special.

What makes your life meaningful?

When you give up finding your second half, what you often do is filling the gap with something that gives you pleasure and makes you happy. It’s a good trick to not to think about the negative past. Some focus on their work, career, study, families or spending their time with friends.

Do you know what? Maybe you do, that are just a temporary solutions. Sooner or later all that will not fill the gap any longer, the lack of a true companion.

Because the actual story is, that love is the key to happiness!

If you are wondering why it doesn’t work you, the answer is simple. The reasons why you are single is because you gave up! You stopped your research and not spending time enough, or not at all, to find him or her!

I’m the current evidence of all of this. I’ve dated countless trans women, call the ladyboy, shemale, transgender whatever you like, and I passed many frustrating situations. I loved and were loved, but I always knew there was someone out there that match my criteria and expectations.

Ladyboys are longing for love like every human being, but often nice guys and nice ladyboys don’t meet.

If you see all dark and impossible, here there is a one more story, that I hope will give you some positive vibes, hopefully inspiring you to believe in love again!

Dating Ladyboys never lose hopes finding love

I remember the very first time I have learned about transgender dating sites, and how I realized that men from other countries can actually accept transgender like me for love and relationship and even marriage, i was really in awe. It has been years ago, when a friend of mine introduced to me the possibilities of finding love and relationship via internet dating sites. I witnessed first hand a real love story of a man and a ladyboy who happened to be my friend, they met via internet, fell in-love and got married and now living as a real couple.
This brought me into a fantasy of finding my own fairy tale, and so, I started riding the magic carpet ride, and like Alice in Wonderland, I have learned that dating sites are like Rabbit hole of many locked doors of different sizes, and that i need to find that one door that will fit to my size.
My search was tiresome, my journey was endless, and i tasted both disappointments and discouragements.
Men have issues, ladies have qualms., men are particular with details, ladies are specific with their standards.
My search was up and down, trial and error.
I succeeded for a time, but fate contradicted it.
I fought against fate, but I realized, it is wrong, I should instead befriend fate,
and try again, standing up after all my discouragements.
My name is L****, otherwise know as M*****, I am 38 years old going on “25” if you know what I mean. I keep my look 10 years younger than my age by keeping myself fit and positive through yoga, and running and some swimming.
I was told, i should make my age younger because men preferred younger ladies, but I say, if they have age issues,
then that matters to me, as i prefer to be real and honest, so let me start by saying my real age.
also, i have no intention to be a “trophy wife/girlfriend”, so, for those men who seeks “trophy ladies” to display and boost their egos, better pass by on me, thank you.
nevertheless, personally, I am presentable, I do able to make myself shine, not in a way a polished trophy shines, but, I am polished from physical, mental, emotional, to character and personality facets.
I rather be the man’s subject of joy rather than subject of lust, to be his object of affection rather than sex object.
I understand that sex and love are both essential to human happiness, but there has to be an order of priority.
I never realized that after many years, I will be drafting a new profile, it is like starting a new beginning, starting again from scratch, taking a second chance, hoping for a second wind. Just like other people, I believe I was born to be with someone, someone that will forever change my status of being single.
and I hope that someone is the one reading this right now, hearing a soft whisper into his ear, saying “she is your soul mate”.
I am a believer of “soul mates” because I believe soul mates are those couples who don’t just look good together but they are couples who look happy together. that, in one’s deathbed, he or she will be happy to pass into this world and into this life because he/she was one among those who find their perfect mate, and finding that one true love in this journey of life is the completion of our existence in this time and space, otherwise, we will be wishing to be born again, and find that someone in the second life.


As the saying goes “ A man without a woman is like a boat without bay ” and vice-versa the same is true for ladyboys. Then my invite is again: never lose hopes finding love!

A message to my friends who are ladyboys

There are some common thinking among the transgenders when they reach a more mature age. As this T-girl doesn’t give up being 38, why would you feel so negative being still so young. I often read descriptions on ladyboys dating chats, from T-girls, that age doesn’t matter! So, It shouldn’t matter for yourself too!

Is never too late to find love.

Today I wanted to show you this profile, made by a ladyboy looking for a lifetime partner. Has inspired me good vibes, and positivity, and I hope you will get good inspiration as well reading it.

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man. I stand for transgender rights. Besides, I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. This blog is dedicated to who love to date ladyboys and travels in Asia. Im the author of this website, and others related to transsexual dating. You can find more about me on My Transsexual Girlfriend . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.

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  1. Thank you for this very interesting blog on “am I gay if I like Ladyboys” This is my personal secret that I like transgender ladies, I find them warm hearted and very friendly, for the first 17 times I traveled to Thailand, I only had massage and only small sex with lady boys (amazing) I’ve always been nervous of giving oral, because I thought I would vomit , but this year that changed, I went to a Ladyboy bar called sensations In Thailand, I chose my favourite lady boy, and I actually did it, I felt no guilt, or shame, and now I am seriously thinking of actually wanting a proper relationship with a transgender lady, as in boyfriend and girlfriend , although I don’t think I could share my feelings for Ladyboys with my family, so I am grateful that that I found this site, and I feel great now for sharing my secret with you. But for many years i think it was a sexual fantasy, but now I’ve actually tried it, it’s now real, and I prefer transgenders to females, and not just for the sex, but for a meaningful close relationship. Thank you for reading .

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