Third sex loving and dating an Asian ladyboy

Third sex: Loving and dating an Asian Ladyboy

Lots of men have fantasies about ladyboys because the so-called women of the third sex, often happen to be so feminine, sexy and beautiful. Even more than biological females. For some guys, it translates into having nothing more than a night of pleasure. For others, it turns to be more than simple sexual attraction, and become ladyboy lovers de facto.

As matter of fact, I’m also engaged with a beautiful ladyboy from the Philippines. Before meeting my current ladyboy girlfriend, I’ve encountered many ladyboys with who I shared good and also bad memories. My goal was always finding what they call “True Ladyboy Love” because I believe love is the key to happiness.

Realistic reasons why men dream of having a ladyboy girlfriend

Why men seek a Ladyboy GirlfriendAs what is rare is more valuable, if you not living in Asia, it is likely there are no ladyboys at all in your town. That’s one of the reasons that makes ladyboys desirable and wanted to begin with. And of course, we need to add the fact that Asian ladyboys are among the most beautiful transsexuals on the planet, turning men crazy! And so, some of us begins wondering, how would it be like having a ladyboy girlfriend?

Here below, I’ve compiled a series of reasons that turned me into a ladyboy lover, which I believe are the most relevant for men. And when I say ladyboy lover, I mean guys who look for a genuine love relationship. I’ll also tackle what involve intimate matters, lifestyle and the most things that usually are unknown to men unfamiliar to the LGBT community. And most especially, for those who DO NOT believe a relationship with a ladyboy can work.

Let’s begin first with a quick explanation about a frequent question

What means the Third Sex?

The third gender, that’s how ladyboys are getting recognized in Asia in recent years. Sometimes also addressed as the so-called the third sex in Thailand, called by locals as Kathoey or Katoi. However, the scientific term is transgender or transsexual, but always best known in the international lingo as ladyboys. In short, in Asia, a transsexual person like a ladyboy share both male and female characteristics and attributs. Because they stand in between the two canonical genders, that has generated the neologism of Third Sex to categorise transsexuals and transgender persons.

Acknowledged this part let’s finally move to what I believe are the reasons that turn men into ladyboy lover

Ladyboys know to love passionately

Between many reasons (circumstance) that influence in a positive way the passionate attitude of ladyboys, is probably the fact of being (sadly) put in second place of preferences compared to genetic women. It doesn’t mean they are easy girls… But when they finally find a partner (man) that shows them true love, genuine feelings, that’s when they release all their passion and wish. In a mix extremely engaging for men. You will hear ladyboys saying “ I’m saving all my love for the man who will love me“. This even part of Asian culture.

The man who will show of being ready, accepting and love them for who they are, in other words, taking her as a transsexual woman, born biologically man, but a woman in her gender identity (brain, soul, heart). This makes them love their own man in a way particularly passionate and tender. Besides, influenced by Asian culture, which in genre makes woman’s attitude very lovely and full of attentions for their man. It makes a ladyboy girl very caring to her husband or boyfriend. And this is indeed a thing very appreciable for many men.

Ladyboys want a family more than what people would believe

heart of ladyboy wishing familyThis is an actual fact. Probably most of you can’t even take into consideration this idea. For many men, ladyboys are just object of sexual fantasies, and ladyboys know it very well! But… You should know that, beyond all of this, ladyboys knowing they can’t give children, very often they abandon the idea of having a family as all the couples that love each other does. At the same way are often disillusioned by the idea of finding a man who knows to love and respect them for who they are. A man open minded enough desiring to create a family with a ladyboy. It is surely a sad given, but as the saying goes ” every cloud has a silver lining “. Are you that man? Take a look here on this page if you are ready to date a ladyboy.

Ladyboys take care with attention of their look

Another very real fact. Ladyboys often appear so beauty and sexy right because they take very care of aesthetic appearance. Being in transition from male to female, with hormonal cures initially, (HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy), they employ to give their look most feminine possible. Beyond the appearance, even manners and female behavior are particularly accentuated their way to act. Of course, they love all that is fashion, nice dresses, sexy clothes, high heels, cosmetic products to take care of skin and all that can make them more beauty and passable as women. Then, very often they practice anaerobic sports and care about the diet to keep up their look fresh and fit. This is surely something that every man like to see in a woman.

Ladyboys are sexy women

For the reasons described above, this makes them for sure not only beauty but also very sexy and attractive. In addition to all that said till now, ladyboy loves flirting to test their seduction ability with men. Seeing themselves appreciated and flattered by a man, for many ladyboys is of course not always enough. The wish to prove oneself sex appeal and techniques of seduction is another way to have more confirmations as woman, although transgender. Then they employ a lot of sexy manners and what a man find exciting, and this is for sure a very interest point! As once said a ladyboy friend of mine: ” a true woman shouldn’t make harder her man’s life… but rather his attributes! ” 🙂

Ladyboys know well the man body and how to please

Being born biologically as man, ladyboys know very well male body’s anatomy. For this reasons they are often really uninhibited and open, sexually speaking. They love to try new things and give them self with self-confidence in the most exciting situations. Let’s recognize it, many genetic women are not such open at sexuality than how much ladyboys are. Many men often betrays their biological wife because they are bored of the sexual routine. This difficulty will happen with a ladyboy! Of course, also all of this is always a subjective given, but rarely will occur to you to know a ladyboy limited by old taboo or bigot! If so, you must be doing something wrong!

Ladyboys have a high sexual appetite

Between the many reasons that you will appreciate for sure of your sexual life,  having a relationship with a ladyboy, it’s her high sexual appetite. Although they are in transition (hormonal cures) to align their physical look to their gender identity, trying to be most passable possible… very often hormones apply a libido increase for many ladyboys. Of course, it’s a thing very subjective but, in every case, they still have a male part somehow. And that’s in genre give them a sexual appetite very similar to men.

Ladyboys don’t have the period and are more available

A detail that has its importance! Sure some ladyboys may desire to become a full woman undergoing sex change surgery. But even in the case, you’ll never hear ” we can’t, I have the period” or things like that… Also with a neovagina after the surgery, the period (menstrual cycle) can’t be present (it is not reproducible). Then, they are always available for intimate moments without physical obstacles. At the same way, unexpected pregnancy will be not a problem. If ever you will want to have baby one day, you can get access to the adoption process.

Ladyboys are a rational person and down to earth

Admitting that, the ladyboy with who you are having a relationship is sincerely in love, will be difficult that she will paint castles in the air, unrealistic or impossible things. Just to show you always she agree with you and make you believe she really loves you. Ladyboys know well how life can be a bitch and unfair. They face very often discriminations and social stigmas, more than any other person, they know how bitter the life is. This makes ladyboys persons with feet on the earth and very frank most of the times. I find this trait very common towards the girls of the third sex, and of course, to me, it is a point very appreciated.

Third sex loving and dating an Asian ladyboy – conclusions

Couple in love ladyboy and man

Loving couple trans-oriented men and Asian transwoman

These are for sure the nicest situations having a love relationship with a ladyboy. If you have decided to find a girl in Asia, and living a serious love relationship with a transgender, or better, a third sex woman, this is what could happen to you in the best of the relationship. And that’s not only very exciting but also promising!

Remember yet that is not all roses and flowers, use always cautions, and hold your emotions when you are in Asia. That she is a ladyboy or genetic girl, not all of them could always be what they show you. What is important is that you are aware of the positive sides and risks when this is about to let go yourself involved in feelings like love. In this blog the content you find, are based on objective data, pleasing or displeasing, what has importance, it’s the awareness of what you do, pro and cons, risks and pleasure.

I’m sure that if you get documented adequate on the topic, you’ll succeed finding the perfect ladyboy for you. And you will live your love story with major serenity. And I wish you the more rose and prosperous future possible 🙂

Do you feel ready to get to know your future ladyboy girlfriend? Or get a trip to Asia?

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Have you had a Ladyboy girlfriend? Are you currently in a relationship with an Asian T-girl? What can you tell, what is your experience? I’d like to know what you think and read your comments!

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  1. Hi Andrea, Thanks for a wonderful and informative article. I am a heterosexual man who has been dating (and loving) a ladyboy from Thailand for the last two years. We are having the most wonderful, intimate and loving relationship I have ever had in my life. We are living together in the U.S. now and we intend to marry. Everything…. I mean everything you have stated in your article here is true!!! I am not sure if you can apply the characteristics of this article to all ladyboys, but these personality traits certainly apply to my special lady. I am not gay in the least bit, but I am in love with my special lady and she is in love with me. We intend to spend the rest of our lives together and that is all that counts.

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