How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer in Asia

How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer

Do you suspect that your ladyboy chat mate, possibly your future girlfriend (or either you are already engaged), maybe not be the kind of person you thought she was? If you feel like she may have second hidden interests in you, as the title suggests, I will give you some guidelines for How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer.

Hoping that the following hints will prevent you from getting heartbroken or worse! With a focus on those ladyboy scam online that involve feelings and love matters.

Whether a scam happens on the internet or in real life, it doesn’t make much difference; the process is the same. But let’s say for at least that online, in the virtual world, it is easier pretending to be somebody you are not.

From here on, I will try to give you insight into how scammers operate. If you were simply looking for hints on How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer, you may skip down below this page, but I’d recommend you to stay with me from here to the end nonetheless.

Scams are rampant nowadays more than ever

It is sad, but it is a reality. And since the advent of the internet era, scams have become more rampant than ever. To make things worse, with the recent pandemic of 2020 due to covid-19 many have lost their jobs and had to find alternative ways to get by… And what’re the best means when everybody is locked into their houses? Yes, you guessed it! The internet is what kept you connected with your friends, relatives or met new people during the lockdowns.

If you’ve been looking for a ladyboy girlfriend online, whether on social media like Facebook or Apps for Ladyboy Dating, it is likely you happened to chat with a few strange girls whose real target was hidden. Chances are that it has already cost you money, or worse ending up heartbroken. At a minimum, you may have wasted useful time that you could have spent with the honest, fine ones.

Don’t think that these things only happen to others; I made that mistake too… while I had bells and alarms ringing and didn’t want to see the reality until it was late. Unfortunately, there are evil, malicious people around who prey on lonely hearts seeking a soul mate pretending to be Angels.

Love Matters, Different Scams and Scammers

And what’s the best way to make you fall into the trap? In my experience, the easiest way to scam you is by playing with your feelings. Make no mistake, scams do not happen only with ladyboys in Asia; it is a worldwide issue that also includes the cisgender population. On this note, just recently was aired on Netflix the docu-series The Tinder Swindler.

The documentary tells the story of the Israeli conman Simon Leviev (born Shimon Hayut) who used the cisgender dating application Tinder (Ladyboys are not allowed on Tinder) to connect with women who he then emotionally manipulated into financially supporting his lavish lifestyle.

We must be aware of these people and how to prevent the risks of falling into their trap. There are different types of scams and many types of scammers, as well as different types of girls that look like scammers but in reality, they are NOT.

Pretty tricky, right? Let’s have a better picture for How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer

Who are the Ladyboy Scammer – Defening a Profile

In our case, most of the scams come from the poorest of developing countries. And because we are talking about trans women from Asia, better known as Ladyboys, most of the scams are likely to come from South-East Asia lands.

On top of the list goes Thailand and The Philippines for having the highest population of ladyboys, followed by Indonesia and Malaysia. And the Philippines scores a higher rate of scams simply for the fact that they are better at speaking English compared to the other countries in south-east Asia. And then you’ll be dating ladyboys online where you’ll be speaking English, which is today the “lingua franca” to communicate internationally.

Better communication makes the scam easier to be pulled.

I know it is bad to generalise, but the good news is that luckily there are more honest people on the planet than the contrary.

Why do people play scams anyway?

Simply put, it is easy money. If we take for example the Philippines (the country where I’m currently living), the salaries here go around 200-250 Euro, often including overtime and even nightshift bonuses (if given, most don’t). Here it really takes hard work to earn so little and it is more or less the same in the developing countries in this area.

And despite the fact that the Philippines is one of the most religious (catholic) countries in the world, still, some find it better to sit on their morality and scam foreigners, people for which 200 euros may be less than 1/10 of their monthly revenue.

Unfortunately, some people who play scams often have no choice; they must do it to survive or die if they don’t. And for some scammers, it is even better than working as a camgirl, escort or hooker in the street, where I personally believe that with a prostitute at least you get what you pay for; with a scammer, you may get nothing.

Whether it is a man, a genetic woman or a ladyboy perpetrating the scam, it doesn’t matter. A swindler is a swindler,  scammer, and they all operate in similar ways. In the case of ladyboys, some will be even as passable as biological women; how can you tell with only a webcam, chat and text messages?

Other cases to watch out for ladyboy scam

Think that not so rarely you will also bump into boys who dress up as women for the sole purpose of tricking you into a scam, pretending to be trans while they are not even attracted to men. Just recently I happened to see a boy (gay in this case, and not a scammer) dressing up as a woman and pretending to be one, just for fun to fool foreigners on the dating sites (more about this at the end).

Anyways, you may also happen to meet one who tells you of being a ladyboy, playing on the fact that many men have sexual fantasies over trans women, and that could make the hustle more profitable.

The Cyber Beggar

This does not fall in the category of scams, but sometimes it is easy to call for a scammer when chatting with a cyber beggar on the internet. You may happen to meet trans girls that supposedly, have NO intention to scam you, and will openly ask for your financial help. Usually, pretty soon, she will begin to tell you how difficult life for her is, appealing to your good heart for some help. It may be because she need help for a surgery (most transgender girls need cosmetic ones), or simply some money to get by in her daily life. Pretextes can be similar to those used by scammers described below.

People who do this may be workers or students, unlike scammers who, in most cases don’t have any real occupation other than scamming people.

Indeed, dating apps are not made for this purpose, report as “Cyber Begging” to administrators or moderators at your discretion.

To conclude this part, I’d say that dating online someone who doesn’t even have a job is already a red flag. After all, It is still better if she is a hooker than not having any job at all and playing scams. What is prostitution if not the oldest job in the world?

Let’s see now which are the most common scams that ppl fall for

How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer

Guide for How to spot a ladyboy scammer on online dating sites

This girl is not a scammer, she is instead a famous Thai Ladyboy. Be aware that sometimes the Devil has a pretty face!

So, how do you prevent a ladyboy scam? From my experience and feedback I gathered among my friends, the most frequent scams that happen on the internet follow a certain pattern.

Once you meet a girl on the internet, you begin to chat, you find her charming, and after a while, you guys fall in love. Time goes by, and then for one reason or another, you begin to send her money. It could be the case that she asked you for money or indirectly hinted that you may or should. It can be a psychological trap because you feel the hope of having a serious relationship eventually, and so you indulge in it.

To give you a better picture, common pretexts may be as below

  • She needs help with money to pay for the VISA to come to your country and visit you there. Be aware that most people living in South-East Asia will never be allowed a visa for the so-called first-world countries. And most of these people even know it.
  • Suddenly, she needs help to pay for a visit, medications, or health care in general. Whether for her or somebody in her family.
  • She got her internet disconnected because she couldn’t pay the bills. And so, because you guys can’t chat anymore, you begin to send her money to stay in touch and maintain your long-distance relationship alive (LDR).
  • She broke her phone, or the internet cafe she used to go to chat with shut down business. And so send her money so she can afford to keep chatting with you and maintain your relationship alive.

As you may have noticed from the above list, there is a recurring pattern

“suddenly something happens”

Help me with my transition if you love me

There may be other innocent pretexts to make you send money and scam you, that are typical needs for transgender ladies such as

  • Financial help to transition for hormones
  • Beauty enchanchments
  • Surgeries like breast augmentations or gender confirmation (sex change)

She may try to manipulate you with an old trick like “prove me your love” with financial help.

These are some of the most recurring pretexts, and the list could go on. In almost all cases, it could happen that either

  • She is asking for amounts that are higher than the real cost of what she needs, playing on the fact that you can’t know the prices in her country.
  • She doesn’t have the intention to use the money you gave for what she said.
  • She is playing the same game at the same time with other foreign chat mates.

She could be doing even all three of the above mentioned at the same time if she is a seasoned “scam artist”. It is more often than not a red flag when the conversation turns about the money, be careful; she might be not who you think she is. And guess what? In some cases, she may also have a local boyfriend in her country.

If she is a scammer, in most cases you will never get to meet her in person. Usually, when you finally get to travel to her country, she will find an excuse, and you’ll never hear from her again.

In some rare cases, you may end up meeting her in real life. And that… It has happened to… ME!!!

A few possible Outcomes When Meeting a Ladyboy Scammer

Don't be fooled, don't be scammedI’ve been chatting to her on some dating site first, then sent her money, been madly in love and serious about us… I had planned three weeks of trips with hotels, a resort at the beach, and visiting her family in the province, and everything was at my expense of course… But when I finally met her in real, I immediately felt something was OFF and had to face the reality my heart didn’t want to see earlier… All her castle of countless lies crumbled.

Needless to say, my trip lasted five days instead of 20, and I flew back to my country heartbroken.

A similar story as mine happened to a close friend of mine.

He finally went to Asia to meet his sweet ladyboy girlfriend, went to the beach, clubs and restaurants, and shopping in the mall, and he paid for everything. By his account, he had a wonderful time and got back to his country happier than ever. Sometime later, he finds out she was doing the same with other foreigners.

Well, these were just a couple of brief, possible scenarios that you also could end up in when meeting in real life a ladyboy scammer. There is no need to get a normal job when you can make several times the average wage of your country while having fun too.

Cheer Up! Not all Ladyboys in Asia are Scammers

After all that being said, it is easy to end up thinking that all ladyboys living in Asia play scams. This is a wrong generalization, and I am one of the testimonials. Today, I’m living my longest love relationship with a ladyboy girlfriend in PH.

I did not give up my dream of having a TS girfriend because I did happen to meet some bad ones.

Don’t give up you too!

Ladyboy and Boyfriend in love at the beach

Succesful couple, ladyboy and boyfriend friends of mines. Love love love.

Of course, a foreign boyfriend might offer better financial stability and a good future, and for sure an Asian ladyboy will be happy to have one. As much as most of the serious girls out there, also ladyboys want to have a family. And so, just like western girls, also ladyboys pay attention to the financial stability of their boyfriends; here is no different. That doesn’t mean she only wants to cheat you.

Moreover, I can guarantee you that money is far from being the main reason why ladyboys in Asia are so into a foreign boyfriend. Besides, we Westerners have so many qualities that are difficult to find in Asian men, and ladyboys know it, but this is a topic for another occasion.

There are so many good-intentioned ladyboys out there; if you want to find a genuine, lovely ladyboy girlfriend, you just need to know how to pick the good ones.

And so, I save the hope that this topic can help you out at least to avoid the bad ones increasing the odds of picking a fine transgender girlfriend.

Have you been scammed or have doubts about your partner?

As one more piece of evidence that there are good people in Asia, who take seriously the scams problem and want to help people. Let’s take for example Raffy Tulfo, a Filipino Lawyer who hosts cases of scams on the media, like youtube to spread awareness. The channel focus on helping lonely people looking for love in the Philippines (including foreigners), who have been victims of scams. You can find many cases uploaded on his channel from where you can get extra insights on the matter. For this occasion, I picked one which involved a ladyboy.

Unfortunately, in this video, they keep addressing a trans woman as homosexual, which is a wrong generalization that many do. Trans women are not gay. But let’s forgive this media for the poor knowledge of the LGBT community and focus on the fact that they trying to HELP.

To conclude

There is no blueprint or secret recipe to prevent a ladyboy scam 100%. Being informed and awareness on the matter is always the best way to protect yourself from bad intentioned people. I hope my insights have at least given you a better picture on the matter and were helpful!

And you? Do you suspect that your ladyboy girlfriend met on the internet may be scamming you? Feel free to send me an email; I’ll be happy to help you with some counsel privately.

Could you add more insights on how How to Spot a Ladyboy Scammer? Share your opinion and experience in the comment below.

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