ladyboys what straight men search from transsexual women

Ladyboys, what straight men search from transsexual women

So many men are attracted to Ladyboys, but,  what straight men actually search from transsexual women then? In the heterosexual imagination, the man charmed by transgender women ( and transsexual), vulgarly called with male pronoun ladyboy. In reality, is a person that doesn’t have the courage to live as gay. Have you been labelled by someone a such? The following notions will debunk the above statement (or stereotype if you will) and clarify the matter.

It is simple to make clear, though, that gays are NOT attracted to transgender women. I have seen stories ending in the gay environment because one of the two, obviously physically man, all in all, was mentally feminine, had “straight” ( heterosexual ) expectations from the relationship, and this had blocked the gay mate.

Are you a Pansexual?

Made clear then, that a man attracted to a transsexual woman ( intended as trans woman, ladyboy, shemale, etc. who are into sex work like porn or prostitution), is not gay, what it is? ( Admitting that the point is understanding what it is )

Paradoxically men attracted by the voluptuous (curvaceous) femininity of transsexual prostitutes, probably South American Shemale or South East Asian Ladyboy and then tied on archaic womanliness model. Tough even petite ladyboys yet curvaceous is more heterosexual than heterosexuals.

It is like he doesn’t give up on the idea of emancipated Western women and less close to the stereotype of womanliness. Typical in the 50 years past century ( but yet present in third world country cultures ), and searching through some kind of transsexualism.

Tough, there is data if the motivation had to be only this, these “nostalgic straight male chauvinist” ( sexist ) are likely looking at the third world women prostitutes, a thing that happens, but in some cases, there is refuse whether from biological woman prostitute whether ladyboy post-op. The straight man has then, in that case, some anal passive fantasies.

Let’s try for a moment to don’t confuse the anal physiologic pleasure, also passive, with homosexuality.

In many young couples, it’s in vogue using the strap-on, where the woman penetrates her mate with a rubber penis, sometimes using a double one (penetrating herself too). But without arriving at similar practices, many women, since ever, have mates that love anal stimulation through fingers ( fingering ) during oral sex and not only.

Other straight men, however, caused by the mental connection between homosexuality and anal pleasure, reject completely whichever practice of ” role inversion ” ( switch / versatile ) often giving motivation of “ not being gay “, proof that’s a choice born by prejudice.

Probably married straight men looking for prostitution market have not an open-minded mate. That probably could see latent (hidden) homosexuality on her mate asking these practices, I guess or rather being penetrated by a gay man, prefer getting penetrated by “somebody” that reminds him the woman most.

If we consider extending the matter to ladyboy’s partners, this would fall into the thorny debate about sexual orientation and its coherence with the body and mind of the so-called object of desire.   

I’ve known ladyboys’ men partners, even not post-op ( without sex change ), that I define heterosexual because attracted by persons mentally women, even ” more women ” than a biological one.

I’ve got to know an activist who loved for years a transsexual woman MTF (male to female) and now yet,  define himself straight without shame, and he does activism defending transgender rights.

Also, a woman attracted by transsexual FTM ( female to male), even not in transition ( HRT, hormonal replacement therapy ), I consider her heterosexual. As I would consider lesbian a woman attracted to ladyboys or gay a man attracted to FTM, whether more or less in transition.

These talks are however relative, because sexual orientation is ” fluid “, and there are different “tolerance” grades of reality shape and partner mind.

Ladyboys, what straight men search from transsexual women?

To sum up, we can state that every case is subjective, there isn’t just one simple reason, we are all influenced by different social matters such as culture, religion, and even laws. Somehow we can define the generic trait that is most common:

  • More open-minded partner
  • Experiencing different sexuality
  • Versatile intimate role
  • A more feminine alternative trait than genetic women

The lists are some kind of practice interest quite common on internet website related to dating topic or relationship. There is a collective thinking towards men who are not new to dating ladyboys, which is called ” the best of both world ” female and male, or ” women trapped in a man body.” These are some common slogan used by niche sites related to dating transsexual women you can find on Google search, slogan aimed to target men curiosity.

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Are you a man? What do you think about these observations? Are you a ladyboy? What can you tell about your experiences with men? Leave your comment!

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man. I stand for transgender rights. Besides, I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. This blog is dedicated to who love to date ladyboys and travels in Asia. Im the author of this website, and others related to transsexual dating. You can find more about me on My Transsexual Girlfriend . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.


  1. Ick…I want a man to treat me like the LADY I am!! There is a reason the LADY is in front of the BOY in LADYBOY! I’m not sticking my penis into any guy, I want them to put it in me! 😛

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂
      Though, there are many different ways that a man can treat a woman. There is a saying: “there are man who take your hand, and man who “f*** you”.

      Related to intimacy, there are different tastes and expectation in a couple. Usually trans women awaiting to undergo sex change seurgery, SRS, doesn’t want a versatile relationsip. I’ve explained better myself and this matter on the new site i’m writing. Here you can understand better the different sexual roles and intimacy depending your condition. Follow this link to see the related topic: Ladyboys pre-op post-op non-op

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