Gentlemen and Finest Ladyboys on Facebook group

Gentlemen and Finest ladyboys on Facebook group

I’ve created a new community to Meet Gentlemen and Finest ladyboys on Facebook group. Because who does not like or use the King of Social Networks nowadays? Facebook is famous for being a free service where you can get to know and date people from all around the world. It allows also to create special forums community dedicated to specific topics.

My new Facebook group it is exclusively addressed to Gentlemen and Finest ladyboys, T-girls, Transgender, and all LGBT friendly people. As long as you are a respectful person you are welcome to join.

Opened just by few weeks is becoming a beautiful place to get to know an elite of people on the internet. If you like to use Facebook and meet people who share your same interests you can join now Ladyboy Lover Facebook group. This new forum is open and welcoming to both men and ladyboys looking for friendship, or eventually a future partner, or simply join the debates.

Another FB group like many?

Well, not really! My intention is to make it unique and appreciable for the following reasons.

  • Aims to engage debates and comments with intelligent, well-educated and respectful people.
  • A place where you can find news related to the transgender & transsexual world and lifestyle
  • Where you can share your love story or, ask for opinions.
  • Furthermore, discussions related to travels in Asia
  • Since we are using the internet, all about dating people online and eventually in real.

I have called my new website: Ladyboy Travel Date for these purposes and the fans who follow my blog. In particular, for those guys living far away from Asian countries, and willing to travel in Asia to take finally the hand of their lovely ladyboy girlfriend and vice-versa.

Dating online and the internet resources are the powerful tools we have in this technologic era, but? Dating a person who lives thousand miles away is not that easy.

So the topics are no limited to online dating only, but also to have a place / forum where you can make direct questions about Asia or read other’s experiences. Resulting a place where you can find possibly an online guide and clues for you future trip and your date somehow.

Moreover, with Ladyboy Lover Facebook I try to keep it decent in particular for trans-oriented men and transgenders who wants to find a partner for romance. I know there will always be suspicious profiles who ask to join for different purposes that do not match these criteria. I mean, those who are just after sexual fantasies, or playing scams. I will instantly ban you if you belong in this category.

So I hope you will appreciate my efforts to create something different and unique!

Are you a man not familiar with transgender & ladyboy community?

I’m aware some men always had the dream to have a transsexual woman girlfriend and even wife. Though, are not so familiar with the transgender community, as well the differences of Asian lifestyle. Often the case of westerner guys, but not necessarily.

So, is even an excellent idea breaking the ice and joining the group where you can find friendly people who share your same interests. In this way, you can get familiar, and also ask directly to t-girls living in Asia, and whoever have been there already useful information like:

  • Residing in Asia, cCulture and traditions
  • The cost of life
  • Travel destinations
  • Places to stay, accommodations, etc
  • Visa and documentations

These are the some of the topics I wish to tackle besides dating online. In future, I will be introducing topics from my blog post to open new discussions about the matter. Feel free to comment!

Will be cool like that?

Hopefully. People who are experienced users on social networks know there are so many groups related to ladyboy dating, especially on Facebook. Even aware that sadly, the many are all about hookups, dirty talks, and cam whoring.

Since I’m a trans-oriented man myself, and in a love relationship with a ladyboy, I wish to show and make an alternative, different from the other Facebook groups listed above.

I count on your collaboration and appreciation to make it the best place possible 🙂

Meet Gentlemen and Finest ladyboys on Facebook group

Looks all nice, right? However, here is the thing, as I mentioned earlier, we do know that most FB groups with topics related to ladyboy dating are not well administrated, and level of decency is an unknown word. So I’ll do my best to keep the group discrete, polite and decent. Will be not tolerated sorts of vulgar behaviour and offensive comments.

You can find many groups where you can post flash pics, dirty talks, add me ask, but not on this one please, Thank you! This group is NOT for cyber sex or escort services. So please, be respectful and avoid posting naked pics!

Everybody is welcome to join my group, It does not matter your social status, religion believes, the color of your skin or sexual orientation. As long as you are polite and respectful of the forum rules will be all fine. But if you fall in any of those categories I mentioned, I will instant ban you from the forum.

Then if you like my idea, you can now join my group click the link below

Don’t have an account on Facebook yet?

If you don’t have a Facebook account, then maybe is the time you consider to create one! It is pretty easy! Just follow the link to this post and create your account and make you join request today!

I check group quite often, you will not have to wait for so long.


The group is PRIVATE, so every comments, post or picture is visible only by ladyboy lover group members. I recommend you to add some pics of yourself, and make a presentation post where you tell some details about yourself, whatever you like 🙂

Remember to hit a LIKE at the official Facebook Fanpage! Thank You!

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Andrea Del Riva, Italian man, 39 years, digital nomad, trans oriented man. I stand for transgender rights. Besides, I love Asia and my sweet ladyboy girlfriend. This blog is dedicated to who love to date ladyboys and travels in Asia. Im the author of this website, and others related to transsexual dating. You can find more about me on My Transsexual Girlfriend . I also collaborate with: Transsexual Date Online project.

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